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Yin Yang Quilting Design

“Opposites Attract”

Our free yin yang quilting design is sure to bring balance to your quilting project.

We’ll explain several ways that you can use this design for your quilts.  There will also be a walk through on how to make this simple applique design.

The Design

The pattern for this design is what you see here.  You can save it to your computer in PDF for free by clicking here:

Add to Cart View Cart

Adjust the size if needed with your computer’s editing software. 

We know you’d like to see an example of this design when it is completed.  So this picture is for you.

Once the design is to the size of your liking, print it out.  You’ll be using it soon.

Quilting Ideas

This design can be used for several different type of quilts and in different ways.  These are some ideas to get your imagination flowing.  Ultimately you are creative and will probably have additional ideas too.

Here are a few ways this quilting applique design can be used:

  • Part of your signature for labeling a quilt
  • Bring a spiritual side to your quilt
  • It would fit nicely in an oriental or Asian style quilt
  • Whole cloth quilt would finish out nicely with this design in the middle
  • Just having this design as a cool symbol in a blank spot of your quilt

This list could go on and on, but we’ll just stop there. ;)

How to Make It

Now we’ll go over how to make this design come to life.

First make sure you have a copy of the design in the size that you desire.

Then pick out the fabric.  Are the colors going to be the typical black and white?  Or are they going to be something different. 

Complementary colors of any difference would have a stunning feel all on their own.  Blue and orange or yellow and purple would make excellent contrast. 

The fabric that you’re going to put this applique on might help you decide which way to go.

Once the fabrics are chosen it is time to get your design onto some Heat n Bond fusible interfacing by tracing the design onto the paper side.  For this yin yang quilting design, draw it twice.

Remember to use Lite hold for stitching down and washable projects.  Ultra hold for raw edge wall hangings that will not be washed.

Other methods of applique can be done, but we prefer this method because it is fast, easy, cost effective, and less messy.

Now that the design is drawn onto the fusible, cut it out by cutting directly on the outer line.

Then press the pieces on the backs of the corresponding fabrics that you have chosen.  Do so by holding the medium hot iron on the materials for no longer than the count of 3.

Once the interfacing is stuck to the fabric, cut the pieces along the inner drawn lines.  Doing it this way creates less mess and fringe on the fabric’s edges.

Have that done?

Perfect!  Now arrange the applique pieces on the fabric that will be the background.

Got the desired placement?

Peel off the paper from the fusible and place the materials just where you had it.

Once it’s in the perfect location, press into place with the medium hot iron again to the count of 5. It will sound something like 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, etc.

Do this with every piece of the applique.

If you want to stitch the fabric down and make your masterpiece washable, now is the time to do so.

When making the stitches, it is best to use a tight zigzag also known as a satin stitch.

Now that all of the steps are completed this quilting applique is done.  Great job!

Wrap Up

The free yin yang quilting design is as fast and easy as any design can be.  We hope you enjoy it. 

Be sure to post a picture of any work of art that you are working on or finished to the quilting forum.  Everyone loves seeing different ways to use fabrics.  We’re no different.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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