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“The Piecing Intersection Challenge!”

Have you ever found the perfect quilting pattern for a project, only to be devastated that it has something called “Y-Seams”?

What the heck are they?

Do they make the pattern more complicated?

Is the extra effort even worth your time?

Should you just look for a different design?

We’ll answer these questions and more!

Sit back and relax.  

Let us guide you through this.  We promise to be gentle.

What are Y-Seams?

The answer the first question, here is a picture of what a y-seam looks like.

A Y-Seam is a place where two parts of a quilting block come together at an angle, instead of a straight line, and meet up with a third seam.  This forms a “Y”.  That is why it is called a y-seam.

The easiest way to adjust your sewing for a this kind of intersection is to make sure the stitches aren’t sewn past the ¼ inch grace at the edge.

If this grace is allowed to breathe, maneuvering the fabric to finish the pairing will be less frustrating.

Another benefit will be that the end result will be beautiful!

Is It More Complicated?

Yes and no.


Let me explain.

It all depends in how you look at it.

For instance, when you’re sewing pairs of fabric together, do you sew past the edge?  Or do you sew up to the ¼ inch from the edge?

If you sew past the edge naturally, then it may seem more complicated.  This is because you’ll be working against a habit.

When working with y-seams, one always needs to be mindful of the ¼ inch.

So, on the other hand, if you always sew to the ¼ inch, you will have no problems at all!

It just may feel awkward to move the material around in a different way.

Is It Worth It?


In our opinion, the incredible creations that you will be able to make, far outweighs whether the skill should be skipped.

It does take some practice to get comfortable with it, but after a while it will become second nature.

Wrap Up

Now you know what y-seams are and how to overcome the challenge that they may embody. 

They really are nothing to fear.

It's just another quilting skill you will gain to make beautiful quilts!

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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