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Wool Batting for Quilting

“Oh So … Warm”

Wool batting for quilting tends to be preferred among quilters for quilts that are going to be used in the cold winter months.  It can be ideal in subzero climates.

Here we will let you know about the benefits and drawbacks to using wool batting in your projects.


When it comes to 100% wool batting it is best to use one that is super washed and scoured.

Since wool comes from actual sheep it is highly important on how it is processed.  Look for wool batting that is carded and supper washed to help make shrinkage as minimal as possible.  You want it to have uniform strength and a soft drape.

Wool is a wonderfully warm material and is perfect for those in colder climates or for bedding that will be used just in the winter time.

Best Brand?

Dream Wool is our favorite wool batting.  It’s perfect for the cold sub-zero winter nights here in beautiful Colorado.

What makes it ideal is that Merino wool, which is the softest wool out there, is blended with domestic wool.  The blend creates a wonderful cuddly feel against your skin.

This batting is super washed and carded together.  The process this brand used eliminates shrinkage so that the batting can be machine washed and dried!

It can also have quilting stitches place up to 8 inches apart.  No resins are used so your needles can hold up to the material, which makes it great for both quilting by hand and machine.

The loft is super soft and lets your stitches stand out without bunching together.  This stuff is so durable that it will last for generations to come.

There is nothing like quilting with this natural fiber.


Where can you find Dream Wool?

If you don’t know where to look, we can help. 

Check out because they usually have all the sizes in stock and at the most reasonable price. has it available by the yard as well!

Wal-Mart does carry an alternative by Pellon, but the quality isn’t as great.  It’s decent in a pinch and still worth looking at though.

Wrap Up

Wool batting for quilting is perfect for those quilts that will be snuggled up in during the holidays next to the fireplace.  Using this material really brings the homey feelings strait to your heart.  Give the gift of warmth by using this batting.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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