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Whole Cloth Quilting

"No Cutting Required"

Whole cloth quilting is the best way to introduce yourself to machine quilting. It’s easier than piecing together a top.

This is a quilting style that does not piece fabric together.  The quilter will use the cloth in its whole form to quilt.  

There are several reasons why you might want to try this simple method of quilting.

For instance, it works well when you try quilting with your sewing machine for the first time.  There are no bumps and valleys in your top.  This makes your machine glide better with the fabric.

If you come across fabric that is just too pretty to think of cutting, this would be a good way of preserving the print.

Like-wise if you just want to make a quilt faster using just broadcloth.

Broadcloth is used for fabric backing.  This is because the fabric is usually solid colors without a print.

Typical broadcloth comes 60 inches wide.  You can find some up to 108 inches wide thru fabric shops online.

Also, something that has been designed using the whole cloth can be used to make things other than just a bed quilt.

Diaper bags, purses, and such have been made out of this form of quilted fabric for years.

To make your fabric into this form, gather your fabric for the top and back. 

Supply the batting you want and start basting them together.  This was explained fully in Basic Quilting.

Mark out the quilt design on your fabric using either a fabric pencil or washable pen.  You can use any quilting design or create one yourself from scratch.

Align either your quilting hoop or quilting frame in the center of your quilt.  Just as you did in Beginner Hand Quilting.

Hand quilting or machine quilting can be done to develop your final product.

If you choose machine quilting, slide the hoop into your machine, under the needle.

As you can see, whole cloth quilting is a rather quick and efficient way to make a quilt.


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