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Welsh Quilting

“Strong Roots”

Welsh quilting will always be remembered for its place in history.

Take a walk with us through time as we inform you about why the Welsh are famous for their quilts.

The Beginning

The movies portray England and the surrounding areas as generally overcast and rainy.  What they can’t display so easily is how very drafty the living courters were, which is why there is usually some mention of it in the dialog.

Cold winds would whip through castles as well as the simple huts of the early centuries.  This is why quilting was literally a life saver.

Quits were used for everything.  They protected the windows and walls from the escaping warmth.  Beds were graced with a variety of quilting.  Depending on the income of the home, the quilts could be made of rich materials or of whatever scraps could be found.

Clothing is also where quilting had an intricate place to be had.  Quilted undergarments were often found on the wealthy as well part of the armor for solders and knights.

As Time Progressed

As we move forward in time one can notice that the skill of quilting began to morph from a necessity to an art form. 

Women who traveled would trade their quilting works for room and board.  They would even make custom works this way.

Later heritage patterns were preserved in the quilting designs.  To this day the color red in the angular quilting designs still mark a quilt as being from the welsh influence.

Find the History

One of the world’s greatest museums of quilts happens to be the Welsh Quilt Centre in Lampeter.  They have everything form the old to the new.  Plus you can learn more than just the history.  You can broaden your skills by learning newer techniques.

We suggest if you ever get the opportunity of visiting Wales, to take the trip of exploring this wonderful place of important history.

It’s also a great idea to check your local museums as well.  You will find that there is often some form of quilting involved.

Wrap Up

Welsh quilting is still a part of our everyday lives.  Several of our methods and techniques originate from this wonderful culture. 

Take the time to visit any of the museums worldwide and it’s sure to involve a quilt or two with this influence of history.  That is why this art will never die, it just evolves.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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