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Wall Quilts

“Let it Hang”

Wall quilts are perfect for room décor.  They give your living place that extra special touch. 

Everything from a homey feel to displaying an extravagant art can be projected from having a wall hang quilt.

Anyone can make a small quilt, but how do you hang it on a wall?

We’ll go over the several ways to put your quilt together so it can be hung as a work of art.

The Methods

There are typically two ways to hang your quilt.

Attach something to your quilt


Put your quilt in a frame.

To help decide with way would work best for you is as simple as answering these questions:

How do you plan to remove dust from the quilt?

Are you going to wash your quilt occasionally?

Would you rather use a quick vacuuming to remove the dust or wiping it off?

Is the quilt more of an elegant art piece or is it one that creates a homey sense of warmth?

If you are planning on washing your quilt and creating a feeling of wrap around goodness, than attaching a way to hang your quilt is going to work as an advantage.

If the idea of framing the quilt to embody more of an art piece sensation and quick dusting for maintenance, than encasing it is the perfect choice for you.

So how can either of these methods be accomplished?

We’ll show you.

Attach It

Push pins will work in a pinch, but they can ruin your wall quilts over time.  That’s why it is best to attach a hanging strap to the wall hanging quilt.

To make a strap, use a strip of fabric.  Make sure the material is over an inch wide, so it can be folded over at least three times. Fold it once from each side in the width.  The ends of the fabric should touch and then fold it in half to create a long sturdy strap of material.

The strap should be at least two inches longer in length than the width of your quilt, if you are going to use the hidden technique.  This technique strings the strap behind the quilt close to the top, to catch on the wall hook.

If the strap is going to be attached to the top of the quilt so that it is visible and part of the artwork, then the strap needs to be much longer. 

Be sure to use your cloth tape measure to determine the proper length. To do this, lay the quilt down on a flat surface. Drape the tape measurer from end to end with the peak in the center the way you want it.  Add to inches for the materials that will be sewn to the quilt.  This gives you the total measurement that you want for the length of the strap.

No matter which placement you use, when you attach the strap, remember to fold the ends inward when you stitch them down.  This keeps it looking pretty and neat.

Making it Simple

The easiest way to put up your wall quilt is to just place it into a picture frame.

The beauty of using this method is that the quilt in question can be just a quilt top if you prefer.  Using just a quilt top allows for a thinner frame.  Completely quilted quilts are best being placed in a box frame to give the work more of a natural hang rather than being pressed into a thigh place.

Double-sided tape can be your friend when placing the quilt inside the frame.  If you find that the quilt is too heavy for tape to work, then try pinning it to the cardboard on the backside.

As you can see it’s quick, simple, and low maintenance.

Wrap Up

Both of these techniques are beautiful ways to keep your wall quilts on display.  Decide which way works for you and go with it. 

They methods look gorgeous with quilts of all kinds.  We are particularly fond of the way our quilting patterns look being displayed this way.  Visit our store to see if there are some that you would enjoy.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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