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Using triangles sewn together

by CT


I've never made a quilt before, and am using triangles that were sewn together for a banner/ pennant/ bunting that was hung over a patio for a reception.

They were strung together with binding, but have since been taken off.

Because it was a rush job, the triangles were not perfectly made, and are more of an isosceles.

They are off in length and width, maybe about 1/2" or more.

The original size was about 9" on the legs, 8.5 on base.

The local quilt shop said stitch together first and leave 1/4", but because of being off in size this did not work.

I don't want to take all of these apart.

I'd prefer to stitch together and then cut off the excess, knowing it works before I lose any of the pieces.

My thought is to take an isosceles triangle ruler, mark it, then stitch.

Does anyone think this will work?

Thanks for you input.

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