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Turtle Quilting Pattern

“Faster Than … a Turtle?”

There is a free sea turtle quilting pattern that is just waiting for you to bring it to life.

We’ll go over what the pattern will look like when it’s finished and the steps that it will take to get there.

The Pattern

This is what the pattern of our sea turtle look like when it is completed.  You can get the free pdf version of this pattern by clicking here:

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Once you have the pattern, you can use the design as many times as you wish.  The size can be adjusted if you need too.  This is great for when you want a quilt with several silhouettes of different sizes.

Next we’ll walk you through how to use the pattern and bring the turtle into fabric flesh.


When you have the pattern saved and the size is to your liking, print it out.  Then choose the fabrics that will be used.  Decide what will be the applique and what will be the background fabric.

Then trace the design on to some fusible adhesive.  We prefer Heat n Bond because it’s high quality and extremely affordable.  

If this is the brand you choose, use ultra-hold for non-washable wall hangings and lite-hold for anything that will see the washer. 

The lite-hold is the only one that can be stitched down.  We don’t want to gum up your needles or cause a fun project to be the one to make you scream at the top of your lungs. Don’t want to scare the neighbors. ;) 

Next, cut out your design on the outer line.  The inner line will be cut later.

Place the design on the back of the desired fabric.  Make sure the adhesive side is against the wrong side of the material.  It could get mess if the adhesive side touches the iron.   

If the gooey stuff touches the iron there are two ways to remove it. 

  1.  Iron the sticky parts onto a piece of blank paper.  It works best if the iron is still hot.
  2. After the iron is completely cool, use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to rub it off.  This usually works well when the iron has a Teflon coating.

Then, with a medium hot iron, press the fusible and count to 3.  Sounds like 1 turtle, 2 turtle, 3 turtle. 

Now that the fusible is on the fabric, cut the fabric along the inner lines.  This particular step is what helps the designs look so good and have no fraying or whiskers on the edges.

After that is accomplished, arrange the applique in the ideal position on the background fabric. 

Have the perfect placement?

Great!  Iron press the piece into place to the count of 5. 

If you planned to stitch the applique down, now is the time to do so.  This is done with a tight zigzag stitch, also called a satin stitch. 

Woohoo, the turtle is alive on your quilt.

Wrap Up

We hope you enjoy using this free turtle quilting pattern.  May many works of art be brought to life with your new skills. ;)

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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