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Turtle Quilt

by Lynn

turtle quilt

turtle quilt

Here’s the story of how our turtle quilt came into being.

Okay, so after my daughter saw me make a blanket for my baby boy, she wanted one too. It had to be fitting for her and pink instead of blue.

I let her come with me to my local Walmart to pick out what fabric her quilt should be made out of.

As it turns out, she was instantly attracted to this turtle fabric. It had plenty of pink and was an animal similar to the frog one that her brother has as the top.

I couldn’t change her mind to any other materials. I was sad that it wasn’t the minky fabric, but fleece worked. It was also cheaper and I was grateful for that.

I just had to find a backing fabric that would work well with the material that was picked out for the top.

I decided that it would be odd to pick regular quilting cotton or something sheer. It just would be to smooth for a kids quilt. It’s got to be snuggly. Otherwise what’s the point of even making a blanket for a little one?

That meant that I had to pick out another fabric that was fleece or minky if they had it. The only minky material that they had was the blue that I used on my boy’s throw. My daughter absolutely refused to have blue anywhere in her precious blankie.

I moved over to the fleece section of the department and started hunting. OMG they have a lot of different fleece with sports logos. I was able to find a matching pink fleece fabric underneath all of the football stuff.

When we went to get the materials cut to size there was plenty of the turtle one. The pink fleece, however, was scarce. My heart started pounding as I began to worry that there wouldn’t be enough. I only needed 2 yards.

It was an inch shy for the backing, but I decided I would make do and make the blanket an inch shorter than a typical twin size. I didn’t think she’d notice it anyway.

Luckily she’s never noticed the missing inch from her turtle quilt. It’s still her favorite blanket. She’s been even snuggling with it this summer. It’s the only thing on her bed when she sleeps at night.

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