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The Quilt Which Saved My Life

I was stranded in the deep frozen forest of north Atlantic .The sun was really dull and my fate was unfortunate.

I ended up here after the copter which flew me, blew off. The crew members died and I was on the virtue of death, but fortunately I was previously trained to save my life in such a situation.

The easiest way to save my life was to protect my body from the freezing weather. An idea enlightened me. The idea was to make a quilt using pine leaves.

First I needed to search for food, which was required to boost myself both mentally and physically to fabricate my life saver "The Quilt".

After a while of fishing, I was blessed to have some fish for my stomach.

Such a blessing from Mother Nature motivated me. Now I was prepared to build a quilt.
The fabrication stage:
I collected pine leaves and tied them up together but they had some chillness which would trigger hypothermia. I used the pine oil to make fire and remove the water content. I had the remains of copter wreckage to build the base of the quilt.

The size of the quilt was sufficient to cover my body and it kept the all essential body temperature rate constant. I survived for the next 72hrs using my quilt.
This was one of the turning points in my life. I was admitted in the hospital after four days of struggle.

Then I started a charity which distributed quilts to the victims of floods, earthquakes, and which would be a life defender and hence reduce the death toll. This charity is running across all continents and is helped my honored people.

So this is one of the most trusted charities run by the name "The Quilters". The quilt which saved my life is indeed saving millions of lives.

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