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The Best Quilt I Ever Received

This is the story of best quilt I ever received.

My grandmother enjoyed quilting. My grandmother lived to be 101 years old. When asked, her secret to a long life she would reply without hesitation "quilting!".

When visiting my grandmother as a child there would always be quilts in all the rooms (o.k. none in the bathroom, kitchen, or garage).

When watching television there was always a warm quilt to wrap around you. In each of the bedrooms there were a number of quilts to throw on the bed if you were cold (helpful in northern MN!).

My grandmother use to make traditional quilts with patches of material from old clothes. So the quilts were always of a different design, color, and texture. But most importantly I could recognize different parts of the quilt that were from my grandmothers favorite clothes.

My grandmother would always get dressed up to go to church on Sundays. She would refer to that as putting on her Sunday's best. Over the years those Sunday's best would often end up in a quilt.

After all of these years I can still picture some of those quilts.

As my grandmother aged she relied more and more on "packaged" quilts. Those kits were much easier for her to manage.

This brings me to the favorite quilt that I ever received. The picture of this quilt is the last one my grandmother ever made at the age of 101 years old.

She had just finished this quilt and had put in a plastic bag with my name on it. She put the bag in her guest bedroom.

After her funeral I went to her house and my parents had found the bag. My parents gave me the bag and I knew right away that there was a quilt in it. It really did not matter what quilt was in the bag, any size, shape, pattern -- it was my grandmothers very last quilt and that is why it was the best quilt that I ever received.

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