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T Shirt Quilts

Ever wanted to try and make a quilt out of t-shirts?

Making t shirt quilts is simple and easy if you do it right the first time.  


It all starts with the back.


You heard me right.

Starting this type of project you need to start with how you are going to do the back of your quilt.

If your tee shirt quilt is going to be bigger than a twin it would be best if the backing would be made out of t-shirts too. 

This is because the material that t shirts are made off is stretchy.  Typical quilting fabric is not.

So once you know the size of the quilt you are going to make, you need to decide if you want it to stretch like your top.

Of course, you can break the rules and still use quilting fabric for the back of a big quilt.  The movement just won’t be the same though.

How do I get the t shirt material for the back then you ask?

Most tee shirt quilts use the back of the tee shirt that was used for the front.

I see it now.  A pieced top made up of t-shirts that matches the back.  You can match them up perfectly or mix and match the back.

How to Cut

Don’t put the car before the horse.

First you need to wash the shirts.

Then the seams need to be ripped to separate the front of the t shirts from their backs.  The sleeves need to be removed.  They’ll just get in the way anyhow.

Next you want to fuse interfacing to the pieces you will use for your top.  Interfacing is used to make the project more stable.

Cut the pieces to size.  This includes what boarders you want to use which is best if it is basic fabric for quilting.  It creates more stability.

Arrange your blocks to see where you want your placement.

Sew your pieces together for your top and your back.

Finish your quilt with which ever quilting design you would like. 

I suggest one that doesn’t affect the print on the t-shirts.  Maybe, a design that brings your attention to each print or image.

Stitching in-the-ditch is perfect too.

Materials Needed

·         T shirts

·         Interfacing

·         Fabric for boarders

·         Fabric for backing (optional)

·         Batting

·         Basic sewing and quilting supplies

Wow, t shirt quilting is pretty easy isn't it.  It’s a wonderful way to keep those memories alive.  Enjoy every one of them as often as you can now that you have put them in quilt form.

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