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Stuffing for Masks on Wall-Hanging

by Miriam
(Brookline, Massachusetts)

I have been making decorative Pandemic masks and would like to display them as a wall-hanging. There will probably about 50 of them. I'm thinking that the background would be a pre-quilted batik in an overall meandering pattern and then I would attach the masks.

They would need to be stuffed in some way. so I'm looking for suggestions. My first thought was balled up newspaper, but I would want something more "archival" such as acid-free paper. Then I thought of the "air pillow" that fill spaces in packages. I have seen them in 4" x 6" size but that would be challenging to sew the mask on without letting the air out of the plastic; some of the masks are the rounded style and that size won't work for those. My third thought was some sort of bra cup but I've only seem them on-line and can't get a good sense of whether my masks need an A,B C or D cup?????

I'm new to this board so thanks for any suggestions you might have.

Miriam in MA

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