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Strip Quilting

Using your leftover fabric to Strip…Quilt!

Everyone has fabric left over from previous projects.  Put it to use by strip quilting.

This is a quick method to piece a top using your left over fabric.  You don’t even need a pattern.

First off, the strips don’t have to be the same width.  They can be any size from 1 ¼” to 4 ½”.  I recommend 4 ½” as the max because most batting prefers your quilting to be no more than 4 inches apart.

Decide which fabrics you want to place next to each other.  It’s a nice touch to have wider strips be on the outer edges, but this is not a rule.  It’s also okay for your materials to be the same exact width.

Then stack the pairs with the right sides facing. This makes it easier handling while you sew.

Start piecing for strip quilting by sewing 2 strips at a time.  Remember to keep right sides together when you sew. Having them in pairs, makes less bunching of the fabric overall.

Then sew pairs to other pairs in the order you wanted.

Now that you have 4 strips together, it is a good time to iron.  No one likes ironing over and over.  Waiting till now allows more of your energy to be used creatively.

Iron your seams in the same direction.  This avoids future headaches.

After all the ironing is done, continue to finish sewing.

When you have all your strips sewn together, cut your edges by determining which strip is the shortest.  This will be your guide.

Once you know where you will cut, fold your fabric.

The folding should be done so the end you are cutting is all on one side.

Then lay your fabric on your cutting mat.

Use your rotary cutter and acrylic ruler to even your strips.

You can make the whole quilt top this way.  It can be just strips of fabric.  See how fast it is.

You can also add some more design to your top by cutting your assembled strips.  Rearrange the sections in different ways.  This will create depth that will surprise you.

This technique can also be used when your design calls for lots of little squares, rectangles, or triangles.

Strip quilting is easy, fast, and fun.  Play with it and your creative juices will begin to flow.

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