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Strip Quilting Patterns

“Fast and the … Effortless?”

Strip quilting patterns are the simplest way to make a nice quilt quick.  Even a beginner can make a finished quilt look like it was made by a pro with this easy method.

Here you will find a free pattern to do just that.  We’ll even walk you through how to make it come to life.


First off, to start this pattern, you want to be working with strips of fabric that are 2½ inches wide and in 3 different colors.

To have more of a random look to your quilt top, don’t settle for 3 colors.  Instead, have as many colors as you would like.  As long as they are cut to 2½ inches wide, you are good to go.


When piecing together these strips of materials, remember that you are going to use the typical ¼ inch grace.  Always stitch a ¼ inch from the edge of the fabric.

With that in mind, place the first two strips right sides facing each other.  Line them up evenly along the length.  Pin materials together.  

Make sure the pin is horizontal to the vertical stitches.  This will avoid the sewing machine from catching on your pins.  Nothings worse than bent pins getting stuck in your machine, breaking your sewing needle, and thread.  It can be really hard on your machine too!

Also, an alternative to using a sewing machine for piecing you can make the same stitches by hand.  It just takes more work, time, and patience. ;)

Sew the strips together.

Once the strips are sewn together, unfold the materials.  Place the third strip, right sides facing, lengthwise along the edge.  Pin in place, just like before and sew.

At this point, your three strips are pieced together as one long rectangle of fabric.

Now cut this pieced strip so that it is in 6 ½ inch long pieces.  

This makes squares.

Piece together two of these squares with right sides facing and long edge lining up with the pieced strips. 

Do the above step until you have no more pairs left.

Unfold and stitch together two of the previous pairs with right sides facing each other in reverse.

This makes one big square. 

Assemble the rest of your quilt top with these big squares.  Add borders to your quilt top if desired.


Congradulations!  You have now assembled your quilt top and it’s time to make it an actual quilt.

How are you going to quilt it?

It’s up to you. 

Do you want to quilt by hand or machine?

Either way you choose, we suggest stitching in the ditch.  For this design, stitching in the ditch is easy and it will really make your piecing of the top standout.

Once the quilt has been quilted, bind the edges with your chosen method and sign or label your work.

Wrap Up

Strip quilting patterns can be a fun and an easy way to get your feet wet with quilting.  Watch out though.  It can get you more addicted. :)

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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