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String Quilting

“Scrap it”

String quilting is a way of using your leftover scrap strips.  They can be anywhere from 1 to 2 inches wide and they don't have to be even.  In fact, having them in a bit of an odd angle adds to the character of your quilt.

The best part of this quilt is not that you can use your scraps, but you’re not confined to match colors.  The more different your palate choices are, the more interesting this quilt will be.

Today we will go over how to apply these fabrics and make a quilt using your strings of fabric.

The end result will look similar to this.

Needed Ingredients

  • Box of string/scrap pieces
  • Foundation squares made out of fabric (any size)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Rotary cutter
  • Self-healing mat

The foundation squares can be any size you desire.  Keep in mind the length of your fabric strips.  You don't want the square to be bigger than your longest pieces.

How to…

We're going to go over a method that creates a very visible diamond with this string quilting method.  This shape will be the only part that is a uniform color.  The fabric of the foundation square is what will be revealed as this focal point.

To start get your foundation squares ready.

Lay the squares face up on a flat surface and grab your ruler.

Diagonally from the center of the square, mark out with your pencil an inch on both sides.  This means that the center of the block is 2 inches wide.

Now get a long string of fabric. Place right sides together with the edge of it aligning with the line you just drew out.

Sew this strip a ¼ inch from the fabrics edge.

Unfold the fabric and iron press.

Then place the next string of fabric over the previous strip.  Right sides facing.

Sew the same way.

Unfold the piece and press.

Continue in this manner until you are getting to the end of this side.

Use a wider strip of fabric for the end.  This will avoid the problem of it disappearing when we assemble the squares together.

Do the same thing on the opposite side of the squares.

Once all of your squares are completed this way iron press them.  You want the material to be flat and smooth.

Now, one at a time, trim the edges.  If you want to trim your foundation square make sure you do it the same amount on all edges for every square. 

We suggest no more than ½ inch.  This will keep the uniform look to the center diamond.

It’s time to sew your blocks together.

Stack pairs of the squares with right sides together.  Meet your center strip so they are touching the whole length diagonally.

Marry each pair by stitching along the edge.

Continue until your top is assembled.

You can border this design if you would like.  It can give a nice finishing touch.  If you choose to border it with the same fabric as the foundation squares it will give it breath of elegance. 

Different Methods

This is just one of the methods to use string strips for quilting.  There are many more ways to create art with these scraps.

For instance, if you would like to learn more and gain some excellent patterns there are several books available on the topic.

One of our favorites is String Quilting Today by Connie Ewbank.

It has lots of easy quilting patterns that are fun to do.

Wrap Up

Sounds fun doesn't it. 

Get your leftover fabric out and start string quilting your own quilt today.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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