Solo Build It!

Story Maze

by Shasta Matova
(Columbus, Ohio)

When I found the pattern for an I-spy quilt named "Once Upon A Time”, in the book The Modern Quilt Workshop by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, I was really excited. It was my chance to put a lot of different novelty fabrics together in a quilt. I bought all sorts of novelty fabric for it to be sure to have a lot of variety. It is a simple design, made up of squares and triangles, so it is relatively easy to put it together. It wasn't a quick quilt, since all those novelty squares had to be fussy cut. The design also keeps the quilt from looking too busy and cluttered.

The bonus is that this quilt is also an entertainment device. I really liked the idea that a quilt would be able to be used for something more than a blanket. Kids and parents can use it together to tell a story, basically following the lines that connect the novelty fabrics to come up with ideas for a story. It fosters creativity, communication skills, and bonding opportunities.

As I looked at the overall quilt, I realized I could plan those story connection lines so that the overall design formed a maze. I really enjoyed putting together the design for the maze - there are two, a short one and a longer one.

While I think the quilt is warm and pretty, I wasn't sure whether my niece would like the story or maze aspect of it. When I gave it to her, she was very excited. She took a toy car and worked it around the maze. I had only used my finger to trace around the maze, so seeing her take a toy around and using the maze as a road showed that the quilt had even more possibility than I had imagined.

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