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Stack and Whack Quilting

"The Kaleidoscope Effect!"

Have you ever heard of stack and whack quilting?

It’s a wonderful way to create a kaleidoscope effect with your quilting patterns.

Here we will discuss the steps involved in creating this marvelous impression for your own quilt top using templates.

The Steps

The steps involved in stack and whack method start out the same as does for any quilt.

First, decide on the quilting pattern you wish to use.

Block patterns that use triangles to make stars tend to be easy to assemble. They also give a lot of WOW factor to the finished project.

Next, the fabric must be prepared, washed and ironed.  This will help to avoid any shrinkage once the quilt is made.  It also makes it easier for the next steps.

Once the materials are ready it’s time to find the repeat.

What’s the repeat?

It’s where the print or design of your fabric repeats its image.

The Heart of Stack and Whack Quilting

Find a spot that is easy to identify every time.

Mark it with a pin in the exact same spot each time for all the repeats.

When finished with the previous step, line up the pins.

Cut the fabric with a rotary cutter along and appropriate mat.  We would want to ruin the furniture.

Stack the fabric so that all of the sections line up perfectly with the exact same design in alignment.

Place the template of the quilting pattern to make the desired pieces of your quilt that you want to have as the focal point of the finished quilt.

Rotary cutting can be used for this method to if your pattern calls for it.

This method can also be done using the rotary cutting technique.

Here's a video for all of you visual learners(like ourselves) that goes over how to do this.

The Assembly

Decide your route of attack.

Which pairs are you going to put together and in which order.

Every quilter has what works best for them and you will be no different.

Since precision is necessary with this quilting technique, be sure to pin the mating pairs before they are sewn together.

As you mate and sew the pieces of your block will grow.

Then before you know it, the blocks will be complete.

When you have enough quilting blocks made, they can be arranged and sewn together to make the finial quilt top.

It should look something like this when complete:

Wrap Up

We know that stack and whack quilting has a few more steps than just quilting a quilt.

But the extra work is worth the jaw dropping reactions you are sure to see.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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