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Southwestern Style Quilt

“Bring In a Little Flavor”

Have you ever wanted to make a southwestern style quilt?

We’ve already gone over what Kokopelli quilting is and how to do it.  Now it’s time to bring some real southwestern flavor to your quilting projects.

We’ll go over possible ideas and suggestions.  Then you’ll be let loose to rope it up and make your project a perfect success.

Native Tradition

The picture above is of a pattern we made that came from the ideas of southwestern culture.  It’s the perfect example of what a simple quilting block can do for your project.

The shape of this image is one of the many found by the Native Americans that settled in the southwestern region.

Best of all this design is simple applique that even a beginner can do.  Leave it as a raw edge for a decorative piece, or stitch it down to make it a functional quilt that would be great in a guest room.

Get your own copy of this free pattern by clicking here:

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Typical Southwest

Here is another idea to make you quilting project extra spicy.

Adding chili peppers to your quilt top might be just the ticket for southwestern flare.  This can be done in the form of fabric, embroidery, and applique or even used in the quilting stitches themselves.

Tying It All Together

When completing your quilt you are left with a decision as to how you should bring it all together.  Should it be quilted together with stitches or the layers tied together with yarn.

Whichever way you choose, it’s sure to be a one of a kind masterpiece.  Here are some hints for color choices to help you along your journey.

Remember that the typical southwestern colors are turquoise, orange, red, and various earth tones.

If you are tying the quilting cookie together, then choosing yarn that is one of the above colors will be a nice addition to the theme of the quilt.

Stitching the quilt together instead?

Then perhaps using designs that go with the motif will be a nice touch.  But if you really want to give it an extra punch of pizazz than do both theme stitching with the appropriate color choices.

Wrap Up

No matter how you make a southwestern style quilt, your work will definitely stand out and be something to admire.

Enjoy the ride!

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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