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Sewing Machines for Quilting

“Get Stitching with It”

Sewing machines for quilting come in a vast assortment.  There is everything from the home sewing machine that can quilt to the long arm sewing machines for the professional quilters.

We’ll go over the most popular three varieties here and let you choose which is best for your particular needs.

Home Sewing Machines

Home sewing machines are smaller than commercial ones.  If you want to be able to quilt with one, take into the consideration of the quilt size and the neck of the machine.

The wider that gap the bigger the quilt that can be quilted using the machine. 

Most home machines can sew a baby or twin size quilt with no problem.  The larger ones can be more of a bother.

How do you get the most room out of a basic machine?

Here’s how.  After you have basted the layers (top, batting, backing) of the quilt together, roll the length of it until you are to the middle of the materials.

Gently glide the quilting sandwich (or cookie) under the needle with the roll side fitting into the neck of the machine.

Why only roll to the middle?

Because it’s easier to fit the materials and to work from the center outward. 

When stitching everything together work either in a pull towards you motion or push away from you motion.  This way the roll doesn’t need to be unrolled until you get to the next section to be quilted.  The direction can also be reversed or rotated to work on the other side of the quilt.

Using the machine this way is less complicated, less frustrating, and more efficient. 

Embroidery and Quilting

What about home sewing machines for quilting that can embroider too?

The machine that is capable of all this that we recommend is the Brother Innovis 900D or Brother SE400.  It can easily quilt up to a queen size quilt.

It does fantastic embroidery that is 4x4 inch square, which is the hoop size that comes with the machine.  A 5x7 inch hoop can be supported as well with this model and we have seen great results.

We personally use this machine for sewing, quilting, and embroidery.  It has proven to be low maintenance, durable, and very reliable.

Long Arm Quilting Machine

Want to be a machine quilting pro?

Then a long arm quilting machine is right up your alley. 

It’s the fastest way to finish quilts of all sizes.  A frame is needed so that you don’t need to fold the quilt per say as the stitches are sewn.  Just guide the machine as it stitches away.

The only con to having this type of machine is that it is not as versatile.  This would matter very little if most of your sewing is actual quilting. 

If you make or mend clothes often, than you have two options available to you.  Option one would be to go with a more versatile machine that can do both.  Option two is to get two machines, one long arm for quilting and one home sewing machine.

Wrap Up

Those are 3 different types of sewing machines for quilting that are popular and available today.  Now you have the basic information that may help you in your decision on which machine is best for you.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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