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Serger Quilting

“Serge thru It”

Serger quilting is one of the fastest ways to make a quilt.  It finishes each section of the quilt as you sew.

It has some disadvantages though.

We’ll go over the pros and cons of making a quilt with a serger.


The number one perfect thing about using a serger for quilting is that it is super-fast and can be easy if you are doing a very simple smaller size quilt.  It’s ideal for baby and twin size quilts.

A lot of quilters will make quilts this way for a charity.

Larger size quilts can be made this way.  It’s just not as fast. ;)

The serger machine hate pins.  This means you don’t use them!  No more having to take the pins out as you sew.

This machine sews a stitch that is like the ones for t-shirt and blue jean hems.  That is why it works really well for square and rectangle shapes.

Using this technique not only sews and finishes the pieces; it also trims excess fabric at the same time you feed it through the machine.  How neat is that?


Using a serger is very difficult if you are dealing with curved shapes.

Since you can’t use pins, you must hold everything together as you sew.  This means you will also have to constantly be repositioning the materials.

Another problem that can happen is that when the serger cuts your excess fabric it’s not always consistent.

Also there is a lot of thread being used.  This makes seams a bit bulky.  It also adds to your overall cost because you have to buy more thread.

Worth it?

You can create a similar effect by using your regular sewing machine.  All you need to do is use a zigzag stitch or an overcast stitch.

Overall in our opinion, it’s just not worth the cost of the machine unless you plan to make several smaller quilts in a short period of time. 

Plan on doing more than just quilts?  Than it would be a good idea to have this machine in your arsenal. 

Wrap Up

Of course it’s up to you if you want to purchase a serger and use it for quilting.  As you can see there are some really good benefits for it.  If you already have a serger, put it to some great use with your quilting.

Serger quilting is really fast and easy with the right type of quilt design in mind.  Quilting with panels or large rectangles is ideal for using this method.  Log cabin style quilting works well. This is what we recommend when using a serger.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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