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Rag Quilting

“What the Heck Is It?”

Ever wondered what rag quilting is?

Want to learn how to make one yourself?

Well you came to the right place.  We’ll go over what this style is and the simple step of how to make your own.


A simple definition is:  a quilt that is assembled in such a way that it resembles elegant rags.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  This picture shows you what this style of motif truly is.  To sum it up, instead of having a smooth top that a regular quilt demonstrates, the fold over excess or grace is shown.

It creates a different texture than usual.  This type of quilt is really fun for kids of all ages. ;)

Make Your Own

Just about any quilting pattern can be changed into making a quilt with a rag motif.

To do this, change from putting the right sides of fabric facing each other when piecing together your top, to wrong sides facing each other.

Another way to do this is by making individual quilting cookies for piece of the quilt and then assembling the whole quilt at one time.

Choosing which method you want is to decide which effect you desire.

Simple Pattern

Here is a simple quilting pattern transformed into this special quilting motif.

Almost everyone has seen this basic square block pattern before.  To make it special we’ll walk you through how to do it as a rag motif.

Each quilting block equals an 8x8 inch square.

To make one block cut out two 5 x 5 inch squares in 2 different colors.

Once the squares made, place one of each color with wrong sides touching each other.  Sew a straight stitch ½ inch from the lined up edge.

Rag quilts usually have ½ inch seam allowance instead of the typical ¼ inch.

Do this with both mated up pairs and unfold

Now place both pairs together with wrong sides of the fabric touching.  Be sure to have alternate colors touching.  You don’t want to have the two pairs lining up with the same colors.

Sew a straight stitch ½ inch from the edge.


Congratulations! You have a finished quilting block done rag style.

To have a whole rag top done in this manner, just make enough blocks to have the finished size you desire.

Wrap Up

Now that you have the basics of rag quilting give it a try and make your own.  It’s sure to be a fun project.  Who knows, this could be one of your favorite techniques.

For additional patterns of this motif click on this link.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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