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Rag Quilting Patterns

“Rag Time”

Rag quilting patterns can be some of the most enjoyable quilts to make. 

They have a bigger grace allowance.  That means you don’t always have to be so perfect all the time because the fringe will hide some of the imperfections.

Well go over the basics of what a rag quilt is.  Then we’ll go over one of our patterns that’s perfect for making into the quilt of your dreams.

Rag Quilting Patterns

What is a rag quilt?  What’s the difference between it and a regular quilt?

The above picture is a perfect example of what a finished rag quilt looks like.

There are two major differences that separate this kind of quilt verses a traditional quilt.

  1. The grace allowance is ½ inch.
  2. The grace is shown along the top of the quilt instead of being hidden on the back of the quilt top.

Can any quilt pattern be turned into a rag quilt?

The simple answer is yes.  However, converting a pattern for this type of quilt, works best if the pattern does not involve curves.   

A design that consists of rectangles, squares, and/or triangles tends to result in a better finished rag quilt.

A quilt that has circles or curved pieces will need to have the grace either darted or pie slices trimmed into it to prevent crowding.  If this is going to be done, make sure the fabric that is being used won’t fray, or all of your hard work will be undone.

Free Pattern

This is a picture of our four patch pattern.  To get your own free copy of this pattern, click on this link.  It will take you directly to our Craftsy store.  Complete the checkout process for the free pattern to get your copy at no charge.

Once you have the free copy of the pattern, return here to discover the steps to complete the quilt.


Our four patch block makes a quilt block that’s finial size is 6x6 inches.  That’s means you can make any size quilt you want to as long as its finial size is divided by 6. 

For example:  72 x 90 inches, which would be 12 x 15 blocks of this pattern or 11 x 14 with a 3 inch border.

Our steps discussed here will go over how to make the four patch block pattern.  Then we’ll briefly go over how to assemble the quilt to finish it.

Do you have your copy of the free pattern?

Now how do you make it?

First cut the individual pieces out as per the directions that came with the pattern.

Make two pairs ready to sew, by placing two squares of different colors together with their wrong sides touching.

This is the opposite of the usual way of sewing a quilt top.

Sew them together along one side of the pairing ½ inch away from the edge.

Unfold both pieced pairs.

Then place them on top of each other with wrong sides touching ½ inch away from the edge.

Unfold this pairing and you now have a completed block.

This pattern is wonderful because it is that easy to make one quilting block.  If you have several blocks to assemble, use speed piecing techniques to whip out a quilt top fast.

To assemble the top, have all of your quilt blocks ready to go and decide how you want the quilt top to lay out.

Sew your blocks together the same way as they were made to complete the quilt top.

Complete your quilt with your favorite quilting method.  Even tying your quilt together with yarn will work fabulous for a rag quilt.

Wrap Up

Rag quilting patterns can be a fun way to add variety to your quilting projects.  Enjoy the diversity.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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