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Quilts for Kids

“What about me?”

Quilts for kids can be just as gratifying as those made for a baby.  Sometimes even more so.  After all, an older child will be able to tell you how much they love the quilt you made them.

Older children deserve to have a quilt too. Kids rooms are one of the few ways that children are able to express themselves.

Approach the Project

Well the first thing you are going to want to do is talk to your customer.

Even though you are going to make a quilt for a kid, you still need to ask them questions. 

Kids know what they like and don’t like.  If you just give them a “blanket”, they are not going to be as receptive as they would if you talk to them.  Let them know that you want to make a quilt for them.

This gives them the sense of contributing and being involved in your project.

Here are some questions to ask:

·         What colors would they like?  Their favorite colors might work well with one another.

·         What material do they want it made out of?

·         Do they want it to be fuzzy?

·         Do they want it to be really warm?

·         Would they like a quilt that isn’t either?

·         What patterns do they like?

·         Did they want to go on a special trip to look at fabric?

A trip just for you and the child would be a great time to bond and get an idea of what they would really like.  This is fun for girls and boys!

I’ve done this trip with each of my kids and it is always different. 

When you make a baby quilt, you decide everything.

Making a quilt for an older kid can be so much more entertaining.  They have a lot of input and you will learn a lot about your child.  It’s an excellent way to stay “in touch” with them, even if it is your grandchild.

If it is a grandchild you are making the quilt for, they will appreciate that you want their help even more.  You’ll be way cooler than any other grandparent.  Especially if the child is over 2 years old.


It’s coming together. 

You know the fabric, pattern, and batting you will use.  But what about the size?

The size is pretty easy to figure out.  Usually it’s going to be a full or twin size quilt.

The best gauge to decide it is how big the bed is that the child will be putting your quilt on.

Of course, if they wanted a fuzzy warm snuggly quilt, then you might choose to do it as a twin size just for the portability factor.

There’s nothing better than snugging in your favorite blanket where ever you want.  A twin size is good for everything from car trips to watching TV.



Now put it all together, just like any other quilt project.

Keep the quilting design simple.  Making quilts for kids is quick and easy.  

The little youngster will be so grateful to have such a wonderful gift. 

Before you know it they will be telling everyone they know about their special quilt. 

It’s unique just like them.

My kids have even tried to volunteer me to make quilts for their friends.

Don’t be surprised if you get more enjoyment out of making quilts for kids that you do for a baby.

I know I tend to beam with more pride.  Especially when there’s a sleep over and I can over hear my kids talking to their friends about their quilt. 

Remember to have fun with it and enjoy!


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