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Quilting with Machine Embroidery

“Intricate Designs Fast”

Quilting with machine embroidery can give your quilt top the most elaborate of designs.

There are a few ways that embroidery can be incorporated in your quilt.

We’ll go over two methods and walk you through the process.

Method #1

The first way of using embroidery to help design your quilt is by embroidering squares of fabric with your favorite designs.

To do this you would need an embroidery machine and embroidery designs that are in the format that your machine reads.

Cut out the fabric squares in the number that you intend to use.  Make sure the size is at least 2 inches wider than the hoop that works with your machine.

Stabilizer needs to be infused onto each of these blocks.

Which stabilizer you should use depends on:

  •         Your machine
  •         The fabric you are using
  •         Which style you like to use

Personally we like tear away and cut away stabilizer.  They give a more stable hold onto the fabric when you need it.  The Sulky brand makes these types and more.

Place your fabric in the embroidery hoop that works with your machine.  Some of these hoops are 4 x 4 inches while others are much bigger.

Embroider the design or designs you want for each square.

Assemble the squares as you would for your quilt top.

Make your quilt cookie.  (Think Oreo)

Finish your quilt by stitching in-the-ditch to make the squares stand out even more.

Method #2

This method is actually quilting with machine embroidery.

Using a light embroidery design to actually quilt can be a tough task at first, but once you get the hang of it your quilting will be even faster.

When using this method to quilt your cookie, you must ensure that the embroidery design is very light.  Think of a line drawing. 

To ensure that the design you are going to use is light enough. Please to a test square first.

This picture is a perfect example of an embroidery design that can be used for quilting.

Now that you have picked out your design or designs that you want to use, it is time to prep your cookie.

Most quilters like using temporary spray adhesive on the back of the quilt top and the batting.  We’ve found that using this method tends to gum up the needle and ruin the embroidery design.

Safety pins for quilting works better.  They look like big steel diaper pins.

On your top, mark out with a washable marker or light pencil exactly where you want your designs to be placed.  This is typically done with crosshairs and outline markings, but you can use whatever method you prefer.

Make sure your bobbin is wound with the thread color that you wish.  This could be matching the top thread or perhaps the same color as your backing fabric.  The choice is yours.

Place your quilting cookie into your hoop.  Make sure your placement is just where you want it.

Embroider as you normally would.  Make sure you watch the machine as it does this.  Don’t walk away.  This way if there are any problems, you are sure to catch them in time.

Continue this method until your quilting is done.

Wrap Up

There you have it.  Two techniques to bring embroidery designs to your finished quilt.  Quilting with machine embroidery just takes patience.  If you’ve been using your embroidery machine for a while, it will be a breeze to quilt with.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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