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Quilting With Children

“Inspire the Next Generation”

Quilting with children has always been a way for parents to bond with their kids.

Learn how this activity has evolved and tips for how you can encourage the next generation to keep quilting alive.


Quilting was usually passed down from mother to daughter as women were expected to run the household.  While men tend to run the property.

Previous generations taught their children how to quilt by having them help with piecing fabrics together for the top.

Then when it came time to actually quilt, they would gather around in quilting bee fashion.

This worked well because it freed up some of the chores while passing the knowledge of techniques to future quilters.


Now a days inviting children into quilting project is done more in a selective manner.  Kids aren’t forced to learn a skill that they are not interested in.

Some say that this is insuring that it will become a dying art form. 

We’re here to tell you that just because a child isn’t interested in quilting today; it does not mean that in the future they will not quilt.

Children mature differently.  Some display an interest early on while others it could be 20 years later.  Be patient and spark their interest.  Then the kids will come to you and ask to learn!

Learn the tips to ignite a child’s curiosity.


  • Lead by example.  Kids always get more interested when they see that you love working with fabric.  They get even more intrigued when they see your finished results!
  • Take them on a trip to the fabric store.  They might find something they like enough to ask you to make something for them.  Our kids tend to light up when they see all of the pretty colors.  Unfortunately, they have to touch everything too. ;)
  • Make a quilt just for the child.  Get their suggestions on what colors and design it could be.
  • Be brave.  We know it’s hard to trust them with needles and scissors.  With proper supervision it narrows down the chance of someone getting hurt. 
  • Small steps.  Let the child try a simple needle and thread first, like with the yo yo technique.  Once that is mastered, move on to the sewing machine when they are ready.
  • Start with very basic simple projects when they ask to learn.  They will gain confidence in themselves and want to continue the trend.
  • Projects for others.  Does your child have siblings?  Kids love to make something for other family members or friends.  They could come up with a quilting idea for their brother or sister.
  • These are just a few suggestions to start with.

Watch the video to see our kid's first time using the sewing machine.

Wrap Up

Quilting with children can be a fun bonding experience. Take it slow and enjoy each other’s company.

Happy quilting,

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