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Quilting threads/seams are snapping

by Carly

Hey ya'all,

I am hoping you can help me!

I am straight line quilting my first quilt (queen size utility) on a home machine and it's going pretty well, but have had to do it in steps as you can imagine!

That means that I have to lay it out on the floor and re-roll it periodically.

A couple times I have heard a thread snap when I do this, usually when I am trying to straighten it.

Is this a sign of wrong tension?

There isn't really any bunching, etc.

My walking foot moves evenly as far as I can tell.

The stitch size is set at 3.

Could it be bad thread? It is a brand new spool of pima cotton quilting thread (although it's from my local hobby lobby, not a good quality quilt shop).

I just don't want to get to the end of this quilt and have all my seams break apart and fray!

Thanks in advance!

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