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Quilting Tables

“Flat as a Board”

Quilting tables are not a necessity, but they sure are handy to have.

We’ll let you know the many uses of having this valuable tool and how to improvise with what you have.  Then we’ll show what it looks like to get fancy.

Where the Fun Begins

This type of table has several purposes.  It’s used for everything from cutting fabric to stitching pieces together, from pairing up fabrics to be sewn to actually quilting with your machine.

A good size is one that is a minimum of 6x4 feet.  Rounded corners are a must so that materials don’t get caught and ruin your work.

A very smooth surface is ideal so that fabrics will glide when you want them to.  To get optimal polish on your table top, clean it before you use the work station.

How to Convert

There are things all around you that can be transformed into a great quilter’s work space.  The sturdier the better.

Just take on look at your dining room table.  This is usually the perfect impromptu area for cutting fabric, as long as a self-healing mat is involved.  It also works well for your sewing machine.  

A fold up card table works ok, but it’s not really that ideal.  It tends to be too small and wobbly to get any really work done on them.  In a pinch it will do though.

Coffee tables work well for cutting materials.  They tend to be more stable than most tables in the house.  When we started out, this was the main table for cutting our fabric on.  It was also a comfortable place to sit and pair fabrics together, which made quick work out of piecing the quilt tops.

If you are comfortable with being on the floor, any non-carpeted area could be used too.  It’s a killer on the back though, so we don’t recommend it unless absolutely necessary.

The Best Table

The best table, that we have found on the market, is this Quilter’s Design Table.  It was made with the true quilter in mind. 

It’s sturdy, durable, and versatile.  There’s a cutting section to this table that doesn’t have to be shared with the side that is made for your home sewing machine.  The drawers and shelves make having this table the ultimate work area when it comes to crafters’ convenience.

When you are ready to move away from the dining room table and have a permanent work space, this is the table to buy.

Wrap Up

Whether you’re content with a makeshift table or purchase one just for your crafts, having a quilting table is an invaluable space to help you get your projects done with minimal hassle.

Try not to take it for granted.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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