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Quilting Supplies and Tools

“The Essentials”

What are the best quilting supplies and tools? 

What are they for?

How do you use them? 

We’ll answer those questions and more.  This is the gateway to the wondrous information about all of the tools and supplies that can be used in quilting.

Just click on a link to find out more about that particular item.

Quilting Supplies

The following is a list of common materials that you will need and want when.

Batting – This is the filler and middle layer of most quilts.  We break down what each batting is and used for.  There’s a page for cotton, polyester, and the blended batting of the two.  Wool batting is great for the cold months, but our favorite of them all is bamboo.

Fabric – What else are your quilts going to be made out of?  Perhaps flannel?

Thread – Can’t get stitchin’ without it.

Machine needles – You’ll be stuck if you don’t have them, but which ones to use?

Fat quarters – Make it a variety and fast quilts will happen.

The Rack – The best way to store and display your finished products.

Quilting Tools

So what other tools may I need?

Long Arm Quilting Machine and Frame - Find out which is our favorite and why!

Quilting/Sewing Machine - What's the best for home?

Quilting Organizer – an excellent tool for any quilter. But what does it do?

Quilting software – a must for any quilter that has the drive but needs help with the vision.

Machine quilting frames – This make quilting by machine so much faster and easier that you won’t believe it.

Multi needle quilting machine – two in one.

Quilting Calculator – This makes measurements for a final quilt so much easier.

Quilting Ruler – Want to keep your cutting simple, right?

Templates – make your own or buy pre-made ones.

Quilting Table – This is a must for every quilter.

Other Helpful Things

Here you will find out how to get discount quilting supplies and cheap quilting books.

Would you like to know what are the best quilting machines, how to choose a long arm machine and long arm quilting machines?  How about the best home sewing machines for quilting?

Catalogs and magazine are fun ways to get inspired with new ideas.

Who are the best fabric manufacturers and fabric stores?

Wrap Up

You’ll find out all this and more.  Just click on the link to the corresponding quilting supplies and tools names to get informed.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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