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Quilting Stitches

“Getting Down To Basics”

There are several ways to make quilting stitches and no two quilters will have the same look to their quilts.

Let us show you the variety that makes every quilt a special work of art.  

The Stitch

A typical stitch for quilting is approximately 1/8th of an inch in appearance on the top of the quilt, while underneath can appear even smaller.

The tread is pushed through the quilt top, batting, and the backing fabric.  

These three layers are commonly referred to as the quilt sandwich, but we like the term quilting cookie.  It just sounds so much more appetizing.  Don’t you think? ;)

These stitches can be accomplished with a sewing machine or done by hand.  While hand quilting can be more tedious, it can also be more rewarding.  It takes a different kind of skill than machine quilting.  Patience is key.

Machine quilting requires a keen eye and a feel for the movement.  When you have these two talents, machine quilting becomes a breeze to handle.  Only minimal patience is needed, in comparison to doing things by hand.

Hand Quilting

Stitches that are made quilting by hand tend to be the most unique and varied.  This is why most hand quilters tend to pride themselves on making extremely uniform stitches.  It’s what they stride for.

For tips on how to achieve this in a painless manner for yourself, visit this page.

Hand quilting can be quit pleasurable.  One can go at their own leisure while being comfortable in their favorite chair.

Machine Quilting

Quilting by machine is the one way to keep your stitches consistent while working as fast as humanly possible. 

They only negative side to this is that the speed of things can get away from you.  When this happens, a seam ripper becomes your best friend.

Most machines today come with a myriad of stitches that are preprogrammed, the picture above demonstrates some of these.  This is great for variety.

Some of those decorative stitches can really look great on a quilt.  It’s worth giving it a try.

Free motion is still one of the most creative ways to quilt by machine.  Check out this page for instructions on tips to learn this skill.

Wrap Up

How do you like to make your quilting stitches?

Practice makes perfect and will give you a sense of what you favor.  Enjoy!

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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