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Has our quilting site helped you?

Please let us know if we have. 

How did we help?  What more can we do?

We love to have your feedback on how this site has either gave you a guiding hand or what more we could add.

Just fill out the form down below to share with everyone your thoughts in the forum.

Others have emailed us expressing what they think.  That’s why we decided to give you all a place to share your experiences and express yourselves.

We’ll give you an example of what a post should look like.  Then we’ll show you the form to fill out.

Common Post Example

Here’s an example of what others have written.

QuiltingSupport, you have helped me in so many ways.

Let me explain.

When I first came across your site, I was just beginning to get the “quilting bug”.  I saw all these pretty quilts at my local sewing shop and decided I would like to try it.

I did a web search and saw that you had lots of information for beginners and I started reading.  I loved that you had the common quilting terms and their definitions. 

This quilting site helped me so much, because I don’t sew that often and had to keep referring to the terms to understand what patterns were referring too.  I didn’t need to waste my money on a book when it was right here on the site to check out.

I also really appreciate your walkthroughs for beginners.  It shows that you can relate to what I’m going through.  It’s wonderful that you can share we me your own experiences.

You really know where I’m coming from.

Furthermore, your tips have truly helped me troubleshoot what’s not going exactly right.  Best of all you have showed me how to correct my mistakes.

Then you started having these original free quilting patterns that are so easy and awesome that I had to try them.

They are incredible!  I’ve even bought some of the ones that you have for sale in your store.  It’s wonderful that I can now have the quilting designs that I missed out on in the monthly contests.

You are truly an inspiration.

Keep it up QuiltingSupport, because I love visiting your site and want to continue learning new quilting things.

Wrap Up

Quilting is our passion and you are our inspiration.

Share with the rest of us. Let us know has our quilting site helped you.  The form is below to fill out with your story.

Has Our Quilting Site Helped You?

Do you have a great story about this site? Do you know of a way that we can make it better? Share it!

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Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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