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Quilting Sewing Machine

The Machine That Can Do It All ... At Home!

Are you wondering what quilting sewing machine is best for you?

We figured it was time to begin reviewing different quilting and sewing machines.  So, welcome to our first machine review.

The machine that we will review today is one that we are intimately familiar with.

We'll go over the ups and downs of our favorite home sewing machine.

The Brother Innov-is 1200

The Brother Innov-is 1200 is the upgraded version of our home quilting sewing machine (the 900-D).

This is an extremely versatile machine.

Let us go over its advantages and then cover its drawbacks.  That way you can tell if it’s even worth your time to look at.

To start with, ask yourself these questions:

What do I want to use my machine for?



Machine embroidery?

Big jobs or small?

How big of a project to I need my machine to be capable of doing?

Do I need to be able to sew through thick materials, such as denim or leather?

We’re sure you can come up with a few more questions as well, but this is a good place to get started.

Now, while those questions are running the track in your mind, let’s look over what this machine can do.

The Quilting Sewing Machine Pros

The main reason why we have this quilting sewing machine is because of the different capabilities we needed it for.

A lot of regular sewing and mending tend to happen in our home.

Halloween costumes for all of the kids can be a really fun project!

Machine embroidery is a wonderful treat, because you can make your own designs or use a premade one.  This machine comes with 136 patterns already built in and ready to go!

The man of the house always has his projects, too!  They usually involve sewing through thick leather or denim.  We needed a machine that could stand up to the abuse we’d be putting it through. 

Needless to say, until we bought this machine, the only one we saw that could tolerate the workload was an antique.  That machine was powered by a foot pedal that you had to keep pumping.  If you've been to a museum like the Pioneer Museum in Gunnison, Colorado then you should have an idea as to what they look like.  It’s not very portable!

This machine doesn’t only hold up to working with the heavy material, it goes through it like soft butter! 

We even made a quilt out of old blue jeans and it never had a problem!

Now that’s all good, but how does it do while quilting other projects?

The first month of having this quilting sewing machine, we made over 15 quilts.  Not only did it do a good job, but it never overheated, miss-thread, or acted up in any way.

As long as it was clean of lint before working, it ran wonderfully.

In fact, we’re ashamed to admit it, but we didn’t clean the Innov-is till we were working on our 20th or 30th project. L  It’s an embarrassing fact, but it goes to show how well this thing is meant to last.

Before buying this sewing machine, we had gone through 2 others in 2 years and we hardly used them.

This one works so well, it’s hard to stop.  We keep thinking of more projects to use it with.

Best of all it comes with a 25 year limited warranty!

Maintenance is also a breeze!

The Cons

There are very few downsides to the Brother Innov-is 1200.

Here are the most important ones for what we use our's for.

The throat of the machine, the space between the arm and the body, is only big enough to quilt a queen size quilt or smaller.  It would be extremely difficult to quilt anything larger.

As it is, lite batting needs to be used and that quilting cookie needs to be rolled up tight to quilt it on this machine.  So if you plan to make king size quilts and want to quilt it by machine, it’s better to look at a long arm quilting machine.

The next drawback is that if you are not a very technical person, you may be lost by all the buttons and special features this machine has. It can be very overwhelming.

There is an easy solution for this though.  The manual that comes with it is very complete and if you ever need assistance you can always call your local Brother dealer.  Sewing Machines Plus is very good with customer service calls of this nature!

Some local dealers even have classes to help teach you different things that your machine can do.

Wrap Up

To sum up, if you’re looking for a versatile quilting sewing machine that can handle most quilting projects and even embroidery, then this is an awesome long lasting machine.  It will be perfect for you.

However, if you want to do large (bigger than queen size) quilts then it would be better to look at long arm quilting machines.  This model is better for smaller projects.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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