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Quilting Rulers

“Measure It”

Quilting rulers come in several different shapes, sizes, and textures.  Find out how the pros achieve perfection the first time around.

We’ll go over the various measuring tools and let you decide what might work the best for you.

Acrylic Square

The acrylic square is the most common and reliable ruler on the market today.  It is absolutely essential when using a rotary cutter.  Then the sturdy square is teamed up with the speed of this type of cutting tool, fabric is trimmed to the ideal sizes in a matter of seconds.

Without it, any material or fabrics being cut would turn out jagged and be a real pain in the… you know what.

To use one, it is best to be placed over the fabrics that are sandwiched between the ruler and a self-healing mat.

The materials that are being cut may need to be folded.  When folding them, make sure that they are level, and smooth.  This will ensure that the cut will be perfectly straight and even.

That is why this type of ruler is the stand-by for quilters everywhere.

Self-Healing Mat

A self-healing mat is essential if you are using a rotary cutter.  There are usually measurement markings along the edge of the pad to make sizing a breeze.  The most wonderful thing about a self-healing mat is that they last forever!

Here’s a picture of what one looks like.

As you can see, it gets a lot of use and it still looks great!

Fabric Tape

The old standby of a fabric tape measure.

It is still a handy tool when quilting.  We tend to use this tool the most when measuring out the length and width of a quilt top.

It makes it easier to decide what should be the length of fabric for the borders.

For other types measurements, we find that it is best to stick with the self-healing mat and acrylic ruler.

Wrap Up

Quilting rulers rule!

Without them quilters all over the globe would be lost.  Patterns would be hard to follow or replicate.

Give them a try and you’ll see why the acrylic square is a wonderful blessing to quilters everywhere.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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