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Quilting Questions

“There Will Be Answers”

Do you have  quilting questions?  Don’t know where to turn or how to find the answer?

You came to the right place.

The Question thread of the quilting forum is the perfect place to ask and get an answer.  Here we will discuss what type of questions are allowed and give an example of a typical post.

When you are ready to submit you question/s, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form.  We walk you through every step of the way to make it easy.


Have you ever asked yourself if a question was appropriate for a post?

Here’s a helpful tip.  If your question is related to quilting, sewing, or crafts in any way then it is the perfect question to ask.

General questions that are not related to this site, such as “Where to fill up for the cheapest gas?” or “How to highlight hair?” are not welcomed here.

It’s pretty obvious.  Right?

Here are a few examples of some questions.

  • Where to find a fabric or craft store in a particular town?
  • What size needle to use?
  • How to add embroidery?
  • Where can I find a used sewing machine?
  • Is a long arm sewing machine really better for quilting?
  • How big of a quilt can you make with a home sewing machine?
  • Can my machine sew clothes and quilt?
  • What’s the best type of yarn for a tie quilt?

As you can see this list can keep getting longer.  However, we know that you get the idea.

To further explain, the following is an example post.

Example Post

Hello everyone.

I have a question for you.  Ok, I have more than one question.  But all my questions are related.  I Promise.

How do you quilt with a double needle sewing machine? 

Why would you want to? 

What type of effect would it crate on my log cabin style quilt? 

Does anyone have any pictures they could show me?

Any information would be really helpful.

Thank you.


As you can see question posts tend to be less wordy than others.  That’s why we ask you to be thorough in your question.  It gives everyone a chance to get the full picture of what you are asking and need an answer for.

You can reply to questions by responding to the original post.

When you reply to these questions, please be as detailed as possible.  This will make all of the difference in the world to the person who posted the question/s.

Remember we’re all here to be as helpful as we can to others.  Everyone appreciates this, especially when we have a question too.

Thank you for your understanding.

Wrap Up

Asking quilting questions is how everyone grows their skills.  It’s great to learn something new.  That’s how we get to become experts.  Have fun on the Quilting Forum by sharing, asking, learning, and laughing.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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I am making a black quilt with pastel flowers. What color thread do I use going from the black to the light fabric in the block?

How do I calculate how many yards of backing I will need?

Batting for my Australian Shepards quilt 
My dog got too hot under the last quilt I made him using the lightest batting available. Can I use a sheet or no batting at all this time?

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I would like to know how many blocks and the layout for different size quilts. Thank you, Colleen

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I bought a raggy quilt kit using 5 colors. There were no directions for layout My problem is I can’t figure out how to place the squares to form a specific …

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I am just starting to do hand quilting for people and I don't know how to do my pricing can someone please help me ? Thank you so much!

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Size of quilt block 
If a quilt block says 12” square, does that mean it is 12” before being attached to another block or should it measure 121/2” before being attached to …

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Hi guys, I'm trying to teach myself to quilt and am starting my very first project. I have my material and I need to start cutting my fabrics. The …

Irish Chain Strips Don’t Line Up!! 
Hi everyone, I am making an Irish Chain quilt from a pre cut kit. I made all of my 9 square patches. The 9 patch block are smaller than the solid blocks …

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I am in the process of making Judy Niemeyer's Gemstar wedding ring quilt and want to add straight borders to the scalloped edge. I don't want to applique …

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Sue Moran 
I have some postage stamps from England that are very special to me. I want to make a small wall hanging to feature them. How can I handle working …

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Hi again, 005 is a template we are considering. 006 is one idea we thought could work. We are moving these around to see what looks good. …

How Should I Hand Quilt Borders? 
I am handquilting a quilt that has 3 borders of different sizes - 3", 5" and 6". How can I choose a quilting pattern that will work in all sizes? …

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I have a Kenmore 15358 a very basic beginner friendly machine. I have my quilt blocks together and I am wanting to quilt them individually then put …

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Hi, it's actually a cross stitched crib blanket, that came pre quilted. When I cross stitch the top, it shows on the bottom. It is also pre-binded. …

I'm new to quilting. I just purchased a pre quilted crib cover and am not sure how to stitch it. Do I stitch all the way through and how will I …

Stop Surface Thread Fraying Not rated yet
How do I stop surface thread fraying from use on a quilted purse? I love my quilted purse. I use my quilted purse. The quilting threads are starting …

Which is Better? Not rated yet
I am confused want to get a bigger better machine but i have no one to ask. So, I was just wondering which is better, the Janome - Memory Craft 6700P, …

Linda W. Not rated yet
I bought a length of low-pile batting at the thrift store but when I got it home and unrolled it, I suspect it had likely been on the ground, having some …

? Not rated yet
How do I seam 6-sided pieces so they come out flat, not pointing up in the air?

Piecing Not rated yet
When I piece shapes, I have some distortion when pressing the seams. How do I prevent this?

How do I stitch in the ditch with a star pattern Not rated yet
Hello everyone, inherited this quilt. All I had to do was add the backing, wadding. All has gone well until I have got to the stars themselves. …

Adding the Wadding/Batting  Not rated yet
I am adding the wadding and backing to a Queen size bed quilt. Not sure where to stitch these stars down. Any suggestions?

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What can be used in place of flex foam?

Cutting Diagram/Sweet William Not rated yet
Was given a Willowberry Sweet William 44x44 sweet sixteen pack and I am unsure of the direction card. The fabric is all pre cut to 11x9"sqs. They …

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I found a beautiful hand stitched quilt among my late mothers things. But only the front is done. I would like to finish it, but have no idea how …

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I cut out and sewed blocks for a red, white and black quilt several years ago. I recently was going to work on and discovered the layout pattern was …

Strip Quilt Not rated yet
I'm making my first strip quilt. After you have your strips sewn together and its time to cut them in half for your 8” block, do I need to go back …

Free Motion Quilting Needle Problem Not rated yet
My needle continues to come out while I am free motion quilting with invisible thread. I have tried different size needles, and different bobbin thread …

Wonky block pattern Not rated yet
I am new at trying to quilt. I saw a picture of a quilt I really want to make, but I don't have a pattern and can't seem to find it online. I …

Homespun fabric Not rated yet
My grandson wants his quilt to have some homespun fabric, but he doesn't want all homespun. Can I mix cotton or some other fabric? If so, what …

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Liz Not rated yet
I am making a roman stripe quilt for sons wedding in Oct. Have recently hurt my back, and cannot sit at sewing machine for long. I cannot see me …

G Johnson Not rated yet
I am making a T-shirt quilt and have found some homespun fat quarters with colors of T shirts to use as sashing and frames. Can you use homespun for …

Maple Leaf Quilt Squares Not rated yet
Making my first maple leaf quilt and finished the first square. It came out nice except that I won't be able to square the square or add a border without …

T-shirt Applique onto Cotton Fabric Not rated yet
I am making my 2nd quilt ever. It is a baby quilt for a friend who’s mother died right before she got pregnant. I have a T-shirt that I would …

Fanfold Not rated yet
Does anybody know how to Fanfold. My pattern has told me to start with 4”strips and fanfold to make 15 - 3” blocks.

Diana, first time quilter Not rated yet
I have my quilt top all finished and I'm finally ready to quilt it. My question is: Do I need to iron something onto the back of my fabric before …

Using Flannel and Cotton  Not rated yet
Using flannel and cotton quilt fabric in the same quilt. Trying to use up scraps, making a baby quilt. So can I use flannel with the cotton fabric? …

Using triangles sewn together Not rated yet
Hi. I've never made a quilt before, and am using triangles that were sewn together for a banner/ pennant/ bunting that was hung over a patio for a …

Untrimmed Threads Not rated yet
Hi, I have just finished a table runner which I am giving as a gift. I was horrified to see that I missed a couple of stray threads on the quilt between …

Ideas? Not rated yet
I found material and several completed 4 squares in a bag without a pattern. I sewed all the 3in squares into 40 4 squares (as I had previously started …

How many blocks 12 inch are needed for a twin size quilt? Not rated yet
New, self taught beginning quilter. How many blocks 12 inch are needed for a twin size quilt? Thank you for your help!

Tina McPhall Not rated yet
I have a 12.5 in. Block what size do i cut the square for setting triangles on point. And then what size do i cut block for corner triangles? …

Horizontal quilting skips a lot and drags along fabric Not rated yet
I'm using a Viking Mega Quilter 18/8 and can't seem to be able to quilt along the horizontal axis without getting lots of skipping and drag. Help!

Machine quilting parallel lines Not rated yet
Would you alternate the direction of parallel lines (like north to south then south to north?)or always go in the same direction? (North south north south …

Batting for Rag Quilt Not rated yet
I am making a cozy rag quilt for my granddaughter. The cotton blocks for the top and the flannel blocks for the back are each 6.5 inch squares. What size …

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I’m quilting a large baby quilt and every once in a while the bobbin stitch doesn’t catch for a few stitches. Half are where it has a couple more layers …

Reading pattern intructions Not rated yet
The first instruction says this. Cut one strip 10 1/2 inches, sub-cut 4, 13 1/4 by 13 1/4 inch squares for corner appliqué blocks. That part I understand. …

Adding a quilted edge to a quilt Not rated yet
I am going to add an edge to my already quilted edge. Do you think I should hand quilt first and then stitch it on or should I sew edge wadding and …

Sashing Size Not rated yet
I'm a quilting newbie and working on a block quilt with 8" finish size blocks. Is there a rule of thumb to determine the width of the sashing I should …

Has anyone made a major CHEATER QUILT? Not rated yet
I made a quilt that will fit the top of my king size bed perfectly. I bought a pretty quilted king size bedspread that drapes to the floor ending in a …

Long Arm Quilting Machine  Not rated yet
I am looking to purchase a long arm quilting machine. I like the Juki and am wondering if it can be mounted on a handiquilter frame. They appear to be …

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