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Quilting Pictures

“Says a Thousand Words”

Quilting pictures are what everyone wants to see. 

This is the perfect thread to share the pictures you may have of a work in progress or of a finished quilt.

Any type of quilting item can be displayed here.  From oven mitts to king size bed quilts, it can all go here.

Your imagination is the only limitation.

Even examples of quilting mistakes can be posted here.  We’re not perfect and neither is anyone else.  Mistakes are how we learn.

If you have a quilting mistake that you are willing to share with us, please include how you fixed the problem.  If you don’t know what can be done to correct it, ask.  There are a lot of people willing to give advice on the matter.

Because of our terrible experience using applique for the first time we knew hold to save our iron and passed that knowledge on to you in Freezer Paper Quilting.

Lynn from AZ had stated in her June 2013 winning post of her Worst Applique Moment that our tip on how to save the iron helped her.

Below is an example of what an average post is like for this thread.


Here is a picture of the first quilt I ever made.  

I made this quilt when I had no sewing machine and challenged myself to make it all by hand.

The promise myself that if I pieced and quilted it together with just my two hands and still enjoyed this art form, I would save up for a sewing machine.

As you can tell I did just that. 

In fact, I think it might have even given me a bigger quilting bug than normal. ;)

It held up pretty well.  Don’t you think?

As you can see, my kids are still proud of it. 

My oldest child knows that I’m passing it down to her and she keeps reminding me that it’s not for sale. 

I keep reminding her that it is supposed to be passed down to the firstborns and I better be over 50 before I have grandchildren.  I’m grateful that she still says “ewe” when I mention that. ;)

Anyway, the close up picture shows how well my stitches have held up over the test of time. I made this quilt almost 20 years ago.  Due to proper storage the color hasn’t even faded that much.

I guess you can say I’m pretty proud of it too.

This quilt is the inspiration I needed to get on the quilting frenzy journey.  Though I have had a few breaks for a couple of months here and there, I never really left the ride.

Happy quilting everyone.

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Wrap Up

There you have it.  You know the guidelines and have a good example of a post.  Now it’s your turn to add yours to the quilting pictures thread.  Have fun with it and enjoy.

Happy quilting,

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