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Quilting Panels

“Quick and Easy Home Decorating”

Quilting panels are a fast and simple way to make your house feel like a home.

We’ll show you what they are and how to use them for your quilting décor.


Quilting fabric panels usually have an image that you would rather quilt in its unbroken and whole state, rather than cutting into pieces. 

Scenic scenes and landscapes are some of the most beautiful images that will be found on panels.  You will also find some that are child related and will make a wonderful bed quilt.

The picture above is a perfect example of one a gorgeous image that is on material fit for quilting.

Now we’ll continue on to how panels can be made into a masterpiece of home décor.

How to Quilt a Fabric Panel

The important part of quilting with this fabric isn’t where to place the stitch.  It is how the material was cut.

Think Oreo

If the panel wasn’t precut well, feel free to even up those edges before assembling your quilting cookie.  

If you plan on working with several smaller panels, be sure to cut them evenly on the printed boarders.  Then you can piece them together to assemble your top without any misalignment.

Sew on borders at this point if you planned to use them.

Then it’s time to decide how you are going to quilt your materials.

Will it be done by hand or machine?

Will a quilting pattern be used?

Try to make sure the quilting design won’t detract from the star attraction of your quilt.

Here’s a little tip. If a free motion quilting pattern is going to be used, put your stencil or guide on the backing fabric.  This way, if for whatever reason the medium doesn’t come off properly, the image on your top will not be affected negatively.

This is particularly effective if quilting by hand.

If machine quilting, take great care in calibrating your machine before stitching the layers together.  Make sure to sew a test square that was made out of similar materials as your finial quilt.

This will help to avoid a hair pulling tantrum later on. J

Once the quilting is complete, bind the quilt.  If the quilt is going to be a wall hanging then this is the perfect time to add your attachments for hanging it.

Now your décor piece is finished and you have a quilt to brag about.

Wrap Up

Quilting panels can make your project fast, fun, and a joy to show off.  Whether your finished work is a gift for a nursery or an item to be seen, it’s sure to get admirers.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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