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Quilting Motifs

“Style Is Everything!”

Quilting motifs can be made into keepsakes and keepsake quilting can be made using a motif.

The two will crossover many times in your quilting life.

That’s why some of the motif topics will also be seen in our keepsake section. 

However, there are many more quilting ideas using motif styles.

You will find everything from free piecing motif patterns to free quilting designs here.

Piecing Patterns

There are so many piecing styles that it’s sometimes hard to find what you are looking for.  That’s why we have listed here for you some of the more in demand patterns.

The following is what you’ll find by clicking on the links.

Christmas quilting patterns for your holiday needs.  We'll even have a free Christmas pattern for you to try out and you think that's neat here is Candy Cane pattern.

Are you interested in free animal patterns for your future quilting project?

We have a dragonfly, gecko, turtle, bees, and a mermaid pattern just waiting to be your next work of art.

There’s even a fairy quilt design just for you.

Do you want quick and easy quilting ideas that make it look like you spent forever on?

This free apple foundation pattern will help you take a bite into quilting with an advanced technique!

Stained glass quilting creates amazing effects that are simple to make.  No extra effort required.  Try using this Firework design.

Celtic quilting patterns are definitely more intricate, but they don't need to take months to create a wonderful quilt.  

Log cabin style quilts are simple to make.  They however, can create an excellent intricate design just by the way you arrange the quilting blocks.

Quilting with blue jeans can be a great motif that incorporates recycling.  Using old jeans can make a great quilt for kids to use.  All the pockets can hide things. On second thought, check those pockets frequently.  ;)

Want to make a quick, easy, yet perfect quilt?  We got an excellent free simple autograph  and diagonal stripes quilting patterns, just for you!

Rag quilting can make an unfinished look appear stylish.  Try out one of our free rag quilting patterns to make your own.

Creating a star design to a quilt doesn’t need to be a chore.  It doesn’t even need to be appliqué.  Well show you how to piece it together.

Stack and whack quilting is one of the most intricate designs with its kaleidoscope effect.  It can be complicated, but we’ll take you by the hand and walk you through it.  Nothing is too hard when you have help.

Other Methods for Quilting Motifs

A quilting motif isn’t just piecing together a quilting top.  Here are some more ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Have some landscaping fabric lying around?

Time to put that material to work with a free landscape quilting pattern.

Perhaps there is someone from the military coming home.  You could welcome them back with a patriotic quilt.

Photo quilting doesn’t have to be a bear.  See how you can put images onto your quilt using supplies you can find at the grocery store.

Have you heard of yo-yo quilting?

Check it out.  This method produces some interesting designs and effects.

Kokopelli quilting is a way of bringing a southwestern style feel to your projects.  We even have a free Santa Fe style pattern for you to try out.

Celebrate spring with this lovely free frilly basket applique pattern!

Feel free to get a little crazy and build paper piecing skills with this free complex crazy foundation pattern.

Talking about the feel of a quilt, we have some peace sign quilting designs that will bring some awesome vibes to your work of art.

Then you can start up the holidays by having some spooky fun with stained glass quilting.

Your Input

Do you have a motif idea or trying to find a motif pattern?

Share with us.

We are always looking for more notions to add.  Just send us a request and will work on it for you.

Wrap Up

These are just a few quilting motifs to get you started on your next quilting project.  Take a look around.  I’m sure you’ll find something that strikes your fancy.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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