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Quilting Memories with Mother

by Shelley Travis
(Akron, CO)

Growing up, my Mother was an avid quilter. She either had a quilt in the frames, or was embroidering or cross stitching a quilt to be quilted. My mother was a part of the generation where wives and mothers stayed home and the husband/father provided for a living outside of the home.

My Mother would let me help with either the embroidery or the cross stitching (when I was old enough!) and many times I sat down with her and quilted with her while a quilt was in the frames. These were the times that great conversations took place between her and myself. Many of my problems at the time were resolved during those conversations! At the time, I did not realize how valuable these moments were.

Through the years, all of her children and grandchildren received a quilt from her. When my Mother passed away a few years ago. The family picked out one of our favorite quilts she made. One with wheat on it because my Father made a living raising wheat. This quilt was placed on her casket to honor her.

Today, I look at the quilts she made for me or the one's my Father gave me after her passing. They bring back so many rich memories of my Mother and the time spent with her in deep conversation. I feel that quilting is becoming a lost art because of women in the workplace. It is an art that I sadly did not pass along to my own daughter due to working outside of the home.

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