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Quilting Material

“The cream to your quilting cookie”

Quilting material isn’t just the type of fabric that you use, but also the batting. 

What is batting?

It’s the center of your Oreo cookie or quilting sandwich.  It’s the stuffing in the middle of a quilt.

There are three different qualities of batting that a quilter can use. They are the good, the ok, and the OMG this is wonderful.

Well cover all three of them here.

The OK

Batting that has adhesives and glues that hold it together are the worst to use.  A lot of the time it will be referred to as resin bonding.  It’s ok for the quilt, but it has some down sides for the quilter.

The negative aspects to quilting with it are that sometimes the needle won’t flow as easily.  The batting separates. Thread tends to snag when stitching through it.  The life of the quilt overall is diminished some.

It’s ok if you plan to only have the quilt around 5 to 10 years, but longer than that and you will watch it deteriorate.

This is why the material tends to cost less.

An example of this type of material is from the brand of Mountain Mist.  It’s a polyester blend held together by resin.

The Good

Batting that is needle punched works much better than anything that has glue in it.

The quilting material itself can be cotton, polyester, wool, or a blend.  Which one you choose depends on what you are using the quilt for.

Do you want your quilt to be as warm as possible? 

Choosing one made out of wool or a wool blend would give your quilt the extra warmth you need.  Beware though that it can get hot in warmer climates.  If you don’t see several feet of snow outside, wool batting in your quilt can make you start to sweat.

Is light and breezy more of the quality you want?

Polyester is the most breathable fiber. 

If you use it to make a quilt you will have a nice blanket that you can still wrap yourself in during the summertime.  It also makes a nicely draped wall hanging.

Quilter’s Dream Batting is a brand that has several different kinds that are needle punched and great to work with.

The Wonderful

Bamboo is not just for panda bears to chew on.

Batting material that is made out of bamboo is some of the softest substance you will ever feel.  It’s also the most flexible.  It can be used to keep things very warm, but it’s also somewhat breathable when dealing with a warmer climate.

This material also lasts the longest, has no separation, and has the most pleasant eye appeal for the finished quilt.

It’s so wonderful that once you touch it you just might want the batting to be a blanket all on it’s own.

For these reasons, bamboo is our favorite center of our quilting cookies.

If you haven’t tried using this material before, you need to get your hands on some.  Sometimes local fabric stores have some of this where you can get a cut by a yard.  This gives you the perfect opportunity to feel the texture for yourself before you buy.

Try it and you will never want to go back.

Wrap Up

That’s the benefits of each quilting material for quilters when it comes to batting.  Bamboo is of course our favorite.  While anything that is needle punched is a close second.  In a pinch, batting that is made with adhesives works ok.

Play around and find out which is your favorite.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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