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Quilting Made Easy

“Tips of the Trade”

Quilting made easy isn’t just a dream.

We’re here to help you along your quilting journey.  If you ever need assistance you can contact us, post your question here, or visit our quilting forum.

Whichever way you choose to get your answer, there will be a response.

For now, maybe these hints, tips, and suggestions will help.

Hand Quilting Tips

Are you having problems with your hands crapping up or fingertip pain while hand quilting?

Read this page about pain free hand quilting.  This technique is truly valuable for those who love to quilt by hand, but are tired of the pain.

Do you get fatigued easily while quilting?

Most of us get “into the zone” when quilting.  It makes us forget to take breaks.  We’ve all been to the point that we wonder how that much time could pass us by without us realizing it.

If this happens to you, put an egg timer on for every 30 minutes to an hour every time that you start to quilt.  When the timer goes off, it’s time to stretch and walk around. 

Do the dishes or start a load of laundry during this time.  Before you know it you have multitasked and fought off the fatigue before it happens.

If you have small kids you won’t need a timer.  They are your timer.  As distracting as they maybe, it will be a reminder to move around.  It’s less frustrating when you think of it that way. ;)

Is back and neck pain a pain in the …?

Make sure you are not hunching over as you quilt.  Proper lighting, correct hoop size, and perhaps a quilting stand will help.

Machine Quilting Hints

Having a problem threading your needle?

Refer to your owner’s manual and have proper lighting.  High quality thread also helps.  It doesn’t unravel as easily as low quality thread, which makes it easier to thread a needle instead of catching on it.

Is free motion quilting a bear?

Practice on a small quilting square until you get the feel of which way you like to move the materials.  Some people prefer to move towards their self, while others prefer to move away.

Stitching around applique curves causing stress?

Try going slower, having some patience, and practice. 

For more tips on stitching around circle edges visit this page?


Remember, all of the above are suggestions. 

Be sure to use our site search feature for other suggestions that are throughout this site.  The results might help give some ideas on how to correct certain problems you may be having.

If there is a particular question or aliment plaguing you that wasn't answered, be sure to ask for more suggestions.

Wrap Up

Quilting made easy is achievable.  Patience, persistence, and asking questions are what will get you to a quilting level expertise that you so desire.

We're all learning all the time.  The only way to become a quilting master is by finding the information that you need.

Our door is always open.  Don't be a stranger.  Introduce yourself and ask your question.  QuiltingSupport is here for you.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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