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Quilting Labels

"Make Your Mark"

There are many ways of labeling your quilt with quilting labels.

The quilt that you just finished fills you with a sense of accomplishment.

You should be extremely proud of your art.

Now is the time to add the special signature that says you completed this masterpiece.

There are three typical ways to sign your quilt.

1.    Hand or machine quilting your initials with the date

2.    Embroidering your quilt

3.    Creating a quilting label

We are going to focus on the third choice.

When using a label to sign your work you need to decide how you are going to do it.

Here are questions you should ask yourself.

·         Are you going to use any embroidery?  Do you have an embroidery machine?

·         Do you want to make it simple and use a permanent fabric marker?  Keep in mind that these fade over time.

·         Is the idea of printing a label from your computer appeal to you?

·         Does sewing the signature sound like the way to go?  At this point, stitching might be something you’re physically growing tired of.  Your body is probably telling you to take a break.

·         What type of fabric do you want your label to be on?  Satin or Muslin?  Muslin is usually easier to work with if this is the first time of making labels.  Satin tends to slip and slide too much.

Did you answer your questions?

Hopefully they guided you to a path of which way your label should be done.  If not, it at least gave you what you didn't want to implement.

Now I’ll explain your different options.

If you have an embroidery machine you can create a design on the fabric you want.  Then you can cut this to size.  Fold in the edges.  Place the fabric on your quilt.  Stitch into place.

Permanent fabric marker is quick and easy.  Just write and it’s done.

Printing a design from your computer is pretty neat.  Just get your hands on some Photo Fabric. 

Use a word processer, art program, or find a design online.  Print your image onto the photo fabric.  Be sure to follow the directions that came with the photo fabric.

Sewing the signature is pretty easy.  Take your fabric and either sew by hand or use your machine.

Once you have completed any of the previous ways to make your label move on to the next steps.

Cut this fabric to size.  Fold in the edges.  Place the fabric on your quilt.  Stitch into place.


Instantly your quilt is completed and has a professional look. 

Generations will see your quilting label and know that this work of art was accomplished by you

Time to celebrate. J

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