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Quilting in Pueblo, Colorado

“From Mediocre to Fabulous!”

Quilting in Pueblo used to be difficult.

We’ll go over the reason why Pueblo, Colorado wasn’t very quilter friendly.

Then we’ll explain what happened to change all that.

The Past

Quilters all over the pueblo area were extremely displeased.

There were limited stores that carried fabric and any type of crafting supplies.

The only choices available to us were the local Hobby Lobby and the Northside Walmart.

That’s what we found out when we moved into this area, back in 2008.

What happened was that the local Joann Fabrics had shut down due to downsizing.  The chain did keep the Colorado Springs store open.  The company’s reason was that customers would just make the trip north if they wanted to shop there.

The other event that happened was that the Walmart in the Pueblo West area got rid of their fabric department.  The thought behind that one was that the department didn’t make the store any money.  Within the first year of this occurring, Walmart found out differently.

This company giant also had a large amount of customers, like us, who wrote in complaining that they had taken this department away from our local store.

At this point, the future for quilters in the area seemed dismal.

The Present

As a sigh of relief, the Joann Fabrics store is back!  This time it’s located in the Pueblo Mall.

Needless to say, the store has been booming ever since its return.

The fabric department in the Pueblo West Walmart has also returned.  Now that it has been a few months, it is fully stocked as well, with a better selection of fabric than it previously had!

When you travel to this store, keep in mind that the only downfall to the department has is that there usually is a wait time to get your fabrics cut and priced.  This is due to the fact that they don’t have a proper department manager and only 2 (total) employees that work in this department area. 

If both employees happen to be off when you are there, flag down someone as soon as you can.  That way you can be taken care of sooner, rather than later. 

The Shining Jewel of Quilting in Pueblo

Last but most certainly not least is our wonderful discovery of an actual quilting shop hidden in the heart of Downtown Pueblo.

Stitcher’s Garden as an absolutely marvelous store for quilters.  It has excellent customer service and the best selection of fabric I have found anywhere.

Of course, we’re a little biased, since we love batik fabric and they have so much of it.  The selection of high quality batik  fabric is incredible.

There are also wonderful quilts on display everywhere. 

They even sell quilts on consignment on occasion.

Classes are held all of the time and they fill up quickly!  You can learn everything from color theory to how to master Celtic quilt designs!

To find out about the latest classes, visit their site here.

Soon there will be the next quilt show in the area and once that happens, they'll even have another long are machine to be able to show.  You will even be able to take a test drive on it!

The customer service is unbelievably wonderful and friendly.  Even after they've changed new management it’s extraordinary.

The Stitcher’s Garden is located at 308 South Union Avenue.

Downtown can be a frustration for a lot of drivers, but the Stitcher’s Garden even has its own parking lot off to the side of the building.  This way you can actually park there and walk right to the entrance without having to cross the busy street.

In our opinion, it’s the best quilting shop around!

The Future - Wrap Up

Quilters can now see that the future is bright for quilting in Pueblo.

Come take a trip down here and see if you agree!

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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