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Quilting Hoops

Which quilting hoop is for you?

There are so many different type of quilting hoops out there.  How do you choose the right one for you?

Stick with us and we'll l explain the pros and cons of different hoops.  That way you can decide.


Size Matters

There are several things that matter when it comes to choosing your first hoop.  If you've had one, you most likely know what your next hoop will be like.  Or at least what it shouldn't be like.

If the hoop is too small you will be frustrated that you need to keep moving your hoop so often.

Too big and it will have too much slack and cause bunching in your finished quilt.

Just like goldilocks, there needs to be a size that is just right.  This can be different for everyone.

The most common size that quilters use is 14 inches.  I find that this size is a perfect starting point.

After you have worked with a hoop this size you will know if it is too big, too small, or just right for you.

I prefer one that is rather big, around 18 inches.


The next thing to take into consideration is how well the construction is.

Will it catch on your fabric?

Little flaws in the construction can catch on fabric, batting, and especially fleece.

Will it hold up over time?

If it is wood, does it look like there are any places where it could break?

I had one hoop that had a weak spot in the wood.  When I went to place my hoop onto my quilt it broke, scratched me, and left splinters in my quilt.  I had to pull wood out of my quilt by hand.  It was extremely frustrating and I would not wish it on anyone.

I also had another hoop that broke right in the place where the tightening adjustment is.  The staples that were holding it in place came loose.

My wonderful husband got out his redneck creativity.  He fixed it for me with upholstery string and wood glue.

This happens to be my favorite quilting hoop.  It is now the sturdiest most dependable hoop I have ever had.

To Stand or Not To Stand

The last thing to consider is if you would like a hoop on a stand or not.

For tall people I would not consider this. 

I’m very tall, almost 6’, and bending over a hoop doesn’t appeal to me.

However, if I was shorter and the weather was hot I would think about it.

Quilting in warm weather can be very unpleasant.  Imagine all of the fabric and batting draped over you.  I can see that you can relate to the uncomfortable feeling that would be.

I personally prefer sitting back in a recliner and moving the hoop so I can get the best angle for quilting.

There are a few hoops that incorporate the comfort of both worlds.  Some have a good height adjustment up to 45” high.  Several have the ability to move 360 degrees.  If you can find one that has both of these features, then a stand might be good for you.

Wrap up

Think about all of the aspects you want your quilting hoop to have before you purchase.  This will make it an investment that will be worthwhile.


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