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Quilting for the Holidays

“The Perfect Gift”

Quilting for the holidays is the perfect gift.  Loved ones see that you truly care and used your own personal skills to make them something that comes straight from the heart.

It’s a lot better than showing them your shopping skills.

Why not create something that they will remember with fondness for the rest of their lives.

We have several patterns in our store to choose from that would make a wonderful present for a variety of people.

There is one that is our favorite though.  We would like to draw your attention to this beautiful applique design.

We will go over what the design looks like, how to make it, and who it would be perfect for.

Then some suggestions will be given on patterns that would suit other people.

Pattern for a Princess

The Celtic Butterfly

The Celtic Butterfly

This is the perfect applique pattern for any girl, young or seasoned with experiences.  

Steps to Complete

To make this applique and use it for a quilting for the holidays pattern, just simply complete the following steps.

Get the pattern in PDF format for only $3.99, click here

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Adjust the size if needed. This typically makes a 6x6 inch block, which can be made for a bed quilt, added to a handbag (like on this page), or the applique can be put onto a shirt.  It can even be made into a simple wall hanging quilt.

After you have the pattern printed out, choose your fabrics.  Decide what will be the pattern and what will be the background fabric.

Then trace the whole design on to some fusible adhesive.  We prefer Heat n Bond because it’s high quality and extremely affordable. 

If this is the brand you choose, use ultra-hold for non-washable wall hangings and lite-hold for anything that will see the washer. 

The lite-hold is the only one that can be stitched down.  We don’t want to gum up your needles or cause a fun project to be the one to make you scream at the top of your lungs. Don’t want to scare the neighbors. ;) 

Next, cut out your design in between the lines or on the outer line.

Place the pieces of cut out fusible on the back of the desired fabric.  Make sure the adhesive side is against the wrong side of the material.  It could get mess if the adhesive side touches the iron.   Yuck.

Then, with a medium hot iron, press the fusible and count to 3. 

Now that the fusible is on the fabric, cut fabric along the inner lines.  This particular step is what helps the designs look so good and have less fraying or whiskers on the edges.

After that is accomplished, arrange the applique in the ideal position on the background fabric. 

Got the perfect fit?

Wonderful.  Iron press the piece into place to the count of 5. 

Once that is finished it’s time to stitch it down with a satin stitch if you planned to do so.  This is done with a tight zigzag stitch. 

Congratulations, now your quilting block is complete.

Other Patterns

There are several patterns in our store that have a Celtic flare.  They are perfect for several types of gifts for men, women, and children.  Best of all they are very easy to assemble.  Just look at our page on Celtic help for some special tips to make them less complicated than anything else you've ever tried.

Flowers and Roses are beautiful in any quilt.  Our patterns have excellent details to them that will have the receiver of your work studying it for hours.

Frogs, geckos, and tigers.  Oh my.  These designs are gorgeous and simple to make.  Each one can be completed in under an hour.  They also look cool!

Leaves are great for any fall project and ours are no exception.

Check out the rest of the patterns as well.  Several of them are free and we’re adding more all the time!  

Wrap Up

Quilting for the holidays is fun.  There is a great sense of pride when you make something yourself and see the joy that it brings to others.

Remember, to visit our store and this website to inspire new ideas.  We keep our prices low so more people can enjoy this wonderful craft.

Have an enjoyable time of it.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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