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Quilting Fabric

“Betcha can't pick just one”

Quilting fabric doesn't just have to be plain cotton.  You can quilt with almost any kind of material.  There are some different techniques to use for particular kinds of fabric.

We have worked with many different materials.  Some are more to our liking than others for various reasons.

We know that sharing our knowledge will help you learn.  That’s why will cover all that we know about different cloths here.


When we talk about each of these types of fabrics we will give example pictures, texture feels, how to work with it, and what to look for. 

From time to time we also know that it is hard to find the fabrics you want in your local stores.  This has been true for us on many occasions.  That’s why we’ll also let you know where you can find these materials online at reasonable prices.

These are some of the topics we will be covering.

Bali and batik quilting fabric add a lot of dimension and color to your overall quilt design.  These types of materials are our favorite to work with.

Japanese quilting fabric is good for making a stack and whack quilt.  The elaborate prints are perfect for this.

Quilting panels allow you to make a quilt fast.  This is because the print is so elaborate that you can use the whole cloth quilting technique and the quilt will be beautiful.

Landscape prints are awesome when doing appliqué.  They make it easy to do a whole scene.

Moda is a brand name of fabric that is easy to quilt with.  Most of the time you can find them at discount prices too.

Northern woods fabric line is wonderful when it comes to making an outdoorsy feel to your quilt.  Likewise are western prints to create the perfect quilt for a cowboy or cowgirl.

Ever quilted with novelty fabric?  Try our free easy crib size pattern to make the perfect gift with this fabric choice. We’ll cover that too.

Flannel can be tricky to quilt with.  There are several inferior flannel materials on the market today.  We’ll walk you through how to tell the good from the bad and the ugly.

Since we are located in Colorado, we know where all the good place to find high quality fabric locally.  We also know of a few stores in different places that offer fantastic material that anyone who works with fabric should have in their supply. 

Related Topics

Fat quarters can be a quilters dream.  They allow us to get several different prints to put together at a relatively low price. 

Of course, it helps to know which manufactures out there are worth your time.  Some are just fly by night and want to make a quick buck for a low quality product.  While others will be here for the long run because they never disappoint. 

We’ll show you how to tell the difference at first glance.  Sometimes this is done by the fact if they have a wholesale program available.  This can be really helpful for quilters that run their own business.

Not Just Fabric

We’ll also cover other quilting material such as cotton, wool, bamboo, etc.   There are several materials that can be used for batting or textiles.

Wrap Up

Take a look around.

Click on any of these topics of quilting fabrics and we will explain the benefits and disadvantage. 

Everyone has their favorites to work with.  What is yours?

Happy quilting,


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