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Quilting Borders

"Edge It In"

Confused about how to start quilting borders onto your quilt?  We'll guide you through the different ways to do it.

Now that you have finished most of the top, let’s talk about how to put borders on your quilt.

There are two ways to really do it. 

You can have your borders stay square at the corners.  This is the easiest way. 

All you need to do is sew on the long side borders first.  Then sew the other borders starting and ending against the edges you just put on.


The corners can be done with aligned angles.  To accomplish this, match the borders with right sides touching and sew at a 45 degree angle.  Cut the excess fabric away ¼ inch from the seam. 

That’s all it takes.

To start either one of these methods, just sew the border onto the pieced quilt top. Then complete the corners.

Now comes the fun part.

When quilting borders you have a choice to make. 

Did you want to repeat the same quilting design that you made on the rest of your quilt?

Will you do a different design for just the borders?

It’s a personal preference.

Mark out the quilt design on your borders with a fabric pen or pencil.

Place your hoop in the center of your edge.  It is best if the border takes up most of the hoop. 

Make sure the fabric is taut. This can be a bit tricky with the edges because they will want to have more slack.

Try not to give into the temptation of letting the edges be loose in the hoop.   If you do, your finished project will likely have bunching when you place the binding. 

Work from the center to the corners of your borders.  This should give a more uniformed appearance in the overall quilt.

After quilting the borders is finished, you will want to start working on binding. Binding will be discussed in Classic Quilting Methods.

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