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Oct 20, 2021

Lori Rykowski

I was looking through some beautiful quilts on Google search. I found a pattern I would love to make, but I can't find a name or pattern for this particular

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Oct 18, 2021


I want to make the Road to Oklahoma quilt. The directions I find are only up to queen size. I need king size. Can anyone tell me the yardage I need

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Oct 18, 2021

How to Handle Puckers in Quilt

I am making a quilt with rather large odd shaped pieces. Most are triangles, some are quadrilaterals. I’m getting a lot of puckers. How do I minimize

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Oct 09, 2021


Ive been quilting for a number of years. Need help occasionally, especially with buggy barn or paper piecing designs. I sewed the borders on project

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Oct 07, 2021

Cutting fabric

I am going to buy fabric for a new quilt. The strips that are sewn together are 2 1/2 inches by 42 inches. I need to get 4 yards total assorted prints

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Sep 29, 2021

What Pattern is This?

My mom made this for me years ago and I passed it on to my son. He didn't take good care of it and now it is in need of serious repair.

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Sep 29, 2021

Thin Polyester Fabric for a Memory Quilt

I have a friend who wants me to make a memory quilt out of her daughter's dress shirts. The fabric is extremely thin polyester. I was wondering if

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Sep 15, 2021

Old Quilting Pattern

My mother made quilts all of her life. She is no longer with us. I am trying to find one of her patterns. It is called Puckered Daisy Quilt. Can

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Sep 07, 2021

Making a Quilt Out of Old T-shirts

I convinced my husband to give up some of his old treasured t-shirts by promising to make a quilt out of them for him. That way he can keep the nostalgic

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Sep 07, 2021

How to size a HST

I have an embroidered square that's 8 unfinished. I'd like to add 2 HST (Half Square Triangle) to each side to make it into a star. How do I calculate

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