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Quilting Blocks

“Easy Building”

Using quilting blocks is the easiest and fastest way to assemble a quilt top.  Blocks can be used to create simple quilting designs or extremely more intricate effects.  It’s all in how you put them together.

We’ll go over a few simple blocks and how you can mix and match them to meet your needs.

The Blocks

There are several easy quilting squares that can be used to make the top of a quilt. 

One of them is just 6 x 6 inches squares of fabric.  If this is done with two different colors, they can alternate when piecing them together.  This will create a checker board quilt top.

Another simple block is a friendship star.  This block is made up of squares and triangles.  The triangles are paired together to make squares before they are sewed together with the other squares.  A quilt that has movement can be made out of these blocks by rotating the blocks as they are pieced together.

When you pair the friendship star block with another block you get an even more different effect like the one shown in the picture above.


If you are good at projecting a vision of what certain blocks look like, you are one step ahead of the majority.  Things come easy to you when planning a project.  Sometimes all you need is a pen and paper to draw it out.

For the rest of us there is software for the computer that can help. 

The quilting software that we recommend is Electric Quilt 7, also known as EQ7.  Its quilt design software that lets you see how a quilt top will look before you sew a single stitch.  You can scan in what your fabrics look like so you can design your pattern using the fabrics that you have on hand.  It even gives you lessons and videos to show you how to use this wonderful tool.

Whichever way works for you, it will be helpful in guiding you through your next quilting projects.

Wrap Up

Quilting blocks can by your latest best friend when it comes to future projects.  Almost anything can be accomplished by using them.  Try experimenting with these easy quilt squares to get you started.  Be careful though.  You might enjoy them so much that it’s hard to stop. J

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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