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Quilting Block Handbag

“Just Sew it On”

Have you ever made your own quilting block handbag?

Do you like a quilting block so much that you wanted to carry it around with you everywhere you go?

Here we’ll show you how you can make a handbag out of old jeans and attach your favorite quilting block.  It’s a great way to recycle used jeans and express your passion at the same time!

The Bag

Unsure of where to begin?

Don’t worry.  We’ll walk you through it. J

First we need to figure out the desired size. 

There are simple small purses you can make out of jeans and they are great for kids. 

Say that you cut your old jeans from the knee down to make a pair of shorts.  That discarded material can make a handbag.  Just sew along the bottom, hem the top, and add a handle.  Then you’re ready to go for a night on the town.

Need a bigger purse?

The rest of us need something more... substantial.  How else are we going to carry all our stuff?  Besides most quilting blocks are 6x6 inches or bigger and need more canvas space to be displayed.

Bigger is Better

To make a bigger quilting block handbag we have to make some measurements and ask yourself a few questions.

How wide is the bag going to be?

How tall?

Where on your body do you want it to hang?

How long should the strap be?

Is the handle going to be for the arms or just the hands?

Do you want the strap to be across the torso?

To begin making your quilting block handbag, first measure how wide and tall you want the bag to be.  Look at the blue jean material that you will be using to guide you.  Every piece that is going to be assembled should be at least an inch longer on all sides than what the final results will be.

Sometime all the denim just needs is to be cut to the right width and length for both sides.  Other times it needs to be pieced together.

Once you have both sides ready to be stitched together is when one side needs to have your favorite quilting block added to it.

Start with pinning your block so that all of the sides are folded inward. Sew with a straight stitch to hem the edges down.  This gives you a nice and clean block to work with. 

Then pin the block into place on one of the denim sides.  Stitch into place by using a straight stitch 2 millimeters in from the edge.  Alternatively, a tight zigzag stitch can be used around the perimeter.

When that is completed you are ready to make the body of your purse.

Lay the denim sides face to face.  The wrong side of the materials will be showing. Pin them together.

Tip:  When pinning, make sure that the pins are horizontal from the stitch to avoid getting snagged in the sewing machine.

Sew the sides together with a reinforced stitch around three of the edges.  We find that using ½ inch grace works well.  If you feel you want to take another pass of stitches, ½ inch grace allows you to do so without compromising the size of your finished project.

Now that the sides are stitched, it’s time to hem the opening. Fold the fabric over twice so that it rests against the worn side of the material.  Pin it into place and stitch down.  This has a beautifully clean look with a straight stitch.

The Strap

Have the measurements for how long the strap should be?

It’s time to make it. 

The material should be four times as wide as what you want the final result.  This is to give it the long life that we want.

To make the strap fold it like homemade bias tape.  That’s folding it once from each side, then again in the middle so both the folded sides touch.  Pin them down and sew with a straight stitch a ¼ inch from the folded edge.

Now that the strap is finished, it’s time to sew it to the bag.

We find that it is best to pin the handle in its desired location.  Then stitch it down with a straight stitch in the shape of a square or rectangle.  This gives it added reinforcement. 

There is nothing worse than your shoulder strap breaking from your bag in public as you are toting your kids around while shopping.  We hate having more things to juggle.

Congradulations!  You now have a handbag that you made yourself.

Wrap Up

Quilting block handbags are a great way to show off your skills.  They also last longer than other bags that you can buy.  When making it out of denim, they will last even longer.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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