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Quilted Schoolbag

by Lynn

Quilted Schoolbag

Quilted Schoolbag

This is the story of my daughter’s new quilted schoolbag that I made her.

Just a couple of days ago my daughter came home with her backpack in tatters. The book corners had already rubbed their way through materials and the straps were already starting to break away.

This was a brand new bag for this school year. I couldn't believe it.

After reading the instructions on your site for the recycled blue jean purse, I decided that it would be worth doing the same thing just in book bag form.

I have a stack of jeans in my closet that no one can wear, but I can’t bring myself to throw them out. This site has inspired me to turn the material into something new. Replacing the schoolbag was the perfect start.

My daughter was ecstatic once I mentioned making her a new bag out of the old blue jeans.

Here is how I made her new quilted school bag.

I first cut the seams out. The rotary cutter made this a breeze.

Then I had my kid tell me how big she wanted the bag to be. In order to get the desired size just right, I had to cut the jeans further.

Each side of the bag has three pieces of fabric that were stitched together. One long blue jean leg and two smaller pieces to make the perfect side. Since both sides were going to be constructed the same way, I made them opposites of each other. This made it easier for when I sewed them together. Fewer seams on seams to stitch.

To make a side, I sewed together two of the smaller pieces of denim together along one side when they
are facing right sides together.

Then I unfold them and place them with the right side facing the long strip’s right side. Then stitch them along the edge to create a big square shape.

After I made both sides this way I placed the squares with their right sides touching each other. I double checked to make sure that the seams weren't going to be too thick to stitch over. Then I sewed them together by stitching along three sides.

Once this was done, I hemmed the opening at the top. Just simply turning it over and stitching it down was all it took to complete the hem.

Now I had to work on the strap. I measured the length of where my daughter wanted to have the bag hit on her body. I placed a leg of denim from edge to over the shoulder to the other edge. One leg was the perfect fit. I just needed to trim the widening point of the leg so that it was a straight strip of material.

Then I made the strap like bias tape, just as this site suggested. I folded each side inward along the length. Then I folded it again and stitched along the length to make a sturdy fabric strap.

All I had to do now was stitch the strap into place on the bag.

To do so, I sewed my stitches in a square shape for each side that the strap touched the bag. It was done on the interior of the bag. It created a very neat and clean look.

Now my daughter has a new quilted schoolbag and I’m sure it will last longer than the backpack I bought her.

Thank you QuiltingSupport.

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